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  • Resolved Moogle Stiltzkin


    You may have read on the internet how great this plugin is, which is true for the concept for the plugin.

    And yes it does work, however it has limitations that few bother to mention.

    For starters

    1. It cannot bulk smush images
    2. It cannot indicate to you whether it is smushing the image or not. I had to manually check by saving the image back to my desktop and comparing the original and the wordpress uploaded image to confirm there was a file size difference.
    3. It cannot smush images that already exist inside your wordpress site before installing smush it. However someone did point out that there is a plugin called AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild which will rebuild your existing thumbnails to go through smush it. But that solution carries problems of its own.
    4., service that is used for images’ processing, has limit of 1MB per file so you can’t do anything about it.

    Anyway, when i say i get no indication if is doing anything, is because when you upload an image, there is no indication or message saying it’s smushing, or whether it managed to reduce the file size or anything. So i manually had to check myself to confirm that it worked, which it did. But …. when i checked on another image which was 1.3 mb in size, there was no file size reduction. I tested smushing it on the yahoo website, and it managed to reduce the size. Then why wouldn’t it reduce the filesize using ? This is why it is important that the plugin has a clear indicator whether the plugin managed to reduce file-size or whether it could smush the image to begin with.

    Was told that plugin doesn’t work for 1mb + file sizes, which i confirmed with the plugin. But when smushing using the yahoo site using the same image, it managed to reduce the file size, why is that ?

    In assessment, although it would be great using the plugin to auto smush files; it gives no clear indication if it is smushing the image or not, unless you trust/believe that anything below 1mb will be smushed without having to re-check to confirm that.

    Also the plugin does not allow smushing previously already uploaded images.

    So my conclusion is, that until the plugin adds in a clear indicator like whether it managed to smush, a file size % reduction indicator; then i rather just use the yahoo website to do my smushing.

    It has the potential to be a top10 must have plugin for wordpress, but it needs to be fixed up to make it so.

    Like i said, at the moment i can’t justify using this plugin over the yahoo smush site for now.

    However i must give due credit to Alex Dunae for trying at least to make a useful plugin during his free time.

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way as me being insulting or anything. Just giving my honest feedback so the plugin can be improved.

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  • I don’t see this image of in my media library window :{


    after i tested on my backup server, disable all plugins, then only enable for, i do see the output in the media upload for wordpress.

    I’ll try find out which plugin is conflicting with and report back.

    PS: When i click the manual button in media images, i get this

    Operation timed out after 25000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

    I referred to this thread for a solution but i reckon it’s already been done for the latest, still doesn’t work.

    Hm…. now when i just upload an image, i get a HTTP error …..

    but oddly enough, when i checked media library, the file was uploaded !

    It says not yet smushed, so i click smush it, then i get this new error message

    Could not find /wordpress/wp-content/uploads/

    hm …..

    Despite that, i can browse the image attachment.

    I then tested to create a post, and add that image from media library, then i noticed that the image size option shows full size as (0 × 0).

    The other sizes nothing is mentioned …..

    Found out that there is a conflict between

    WordPress Ventrilo Spy Version 1.2.62_beta and WP-Smush.IT

    When the ventrilo plugin is enabled, it hides the panel in media library, not sure why.

    Could someone please investigate why it does that :/ ?

    But anyway, even with that part of the mysery solved; the still shows the other bugs i mentioned.

    Yeah, Smush is about right, that’s what it did to my website after I activated it.

    I’m on 3.2.1 using Wire News theme. For some strange reason it messed up my front page with the featured posts enabled. I deactivated and deleted the plugin, but it didn’t work. I reinstalled WordPress 3.2.1 and the Wire News theme and I still can’t get back to where I was before I installed this. Horror of horrors, now I’ve had to disable the featured posts feature and my website doesn’t look so good anymore.

    I rue the day I came across this horrible plugin!!!!!

    It’s been working great for me (using it on 3 sites now). The bulk Smush option is also great!

    Just wanted to put in my own experience since it seems, only people who have problems are posting here 🙂

    Gary Eckstein


    My experience with WP has been very positive. I’ve used this Plugin on over 20 Websites and totally recommend using this Plugin. The image size savings are usually between 5% and 20% and there is no degradation of quality.

    Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    @nashamiki — sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with your site. Do you mean ‘sticky’ posts or featured images?

    Thanks for the kind words rojer_31 and ecksteing.

    Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    @moogle I tried to download that plugin to take a look but am getting a 404 error from their site. Are you able to post any code from it that mentions custom columns? I’m guessing their overriding the status column somehow.



    @alex, my regrets I sounded very frustrated at that time. My website at Surau As-Salam is the one that went haywire. The featured posts did not work anymore.

    I suspect that there was some incompatibility with some other plugin. I did try to identify which other plugin was causing the errors but failed. Anyway I’ve decided that WP does not work for me, and I’m wary of trying again, as I do not want to be stuck wasting a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of it.


    Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    Let me know if you re-install and have any more difficulties.


    I think there is a plguin conflict with Cimy User Extra Fields and WP I’ve been using WP for months now, but installed Cimy User Extra Fields and now get the “HTTP error” and “Operation timed out after 25000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received” (see above). Any fix?

    sammy123 i have used crimy user extra fields and for a few months now together, and and have to have this error. until tonight. so i don’t think it’s the combination of the two.

    Thanks, it might be a recent issue with There is another thread:

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