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  • Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    The latest version has experimental support for bulk smushing. Let me know how it goes for you.

    now it’s ok πŸ˜€

    HIGHLY recommend looking at the ajax-thumbnail-rebuild plugin.

    I just ran 1000+ images thru by running this plugin which steps thru each image in turn, no page loading required + realtime feedback on the images smushed so far.

    What did you mean by ok ?

    Did the bulk smushing work for you ?

    For me i got the can’t create temp dir error :{

    Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    See my response in this thread.

    Yep done :}

    Bulk smushing works good, thanks!
    It should be cool to have an option in the media library “bulk action” select, to smush only selected images.
    So, if for some reason (someone said “can’t create temp dir error”?!), the bulk smushing doesn’t finish properly, we don’t have to restart and smush same images again and again.
    Or, if it could be simpler, make sure not to process already smushed images when using bulk smush.

    Thank Alex for your great work!

    Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    It’s a great idea but unfortunately WordPress doesn’t allow us to hook into that menu yet.

    I’m adding a flag to the image’s meta data that records whether smushing was successful. That should make it less painful to re-smush an entire media library.

    Alex, only another consideration: working on a site with wordpress in debug mode, I’ve found a pair of warnings coming out from your plugin:

    1) an “undefined $file” on line 220 in, during image upload in post edit section; fixed adding
    if (!isset($file)) $file="";

    2) a warning during a bulk smashing “ob_end_flush(): failed to delete and flush buffer. No buffer to delete or flush” on line 34 in bulk.php; fixed prepending “@” to ob_end_flush();

    Could you be so kind to include those little patches on your next release of wp-smushit?

    thanks again!

    Hi max,

    could you kindly elaborate more for the fix for 1 and 2.

    Not sure where to add if … and also the @ exactly.

    Moogle, add code in 1) on line 220 o wp-smushit.php, just before
    if ( FALSE === strpos($file, WP_CONTENT_DIR) ) {

    and (2) change line 34 of bulk.php, from

    @ char just tell php interpreter not to echo warnings.

    This is what i did. Thx max, just what i needed to know :}

    // Fix by Madmax
    	if (!isset($file)) $file="";
    	// WordPress >= 2.6.2: determine the absolute $file_path (
    	if ( FALSE === strpos($file, WP_CONTENT_DIR) ) {

    The bulk function is fantastic! I love it, one thing though is that it always seems to start from the beginning and go through each file. It would be great if it could start where it left off instead, otherwise it never seems to get to the end before the script stalls.

    First, thanks to Alex Dunae for making the plugin.

    I’ve modified the Bulk feature to improve it in a couple of ways that meet the needs that people are asking for here.

    1. Check each image in the library and don’t try to Smush it if the image has already been smushed
    2. Smush the library in smaller, configurable batches to avoid overloading the service

    You can get my modified file and more details here:

    Thx Alex 1 and Alex2 for the shares.

    I’ve downloaded the improved patch and am trying the bulk right now.

    Your logic for the improvement sounds promising though, so i remain optimistic :}

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