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    I am getting the following error on many images in my gallery. error: Image size exceed 1MB limit while processing

    All of the images on my site are uploaded from high res digital cameras. How do I increase the 1MB limit?

    If it’s just a matter of system resources I can easily assign much more to this site if it will help.

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  • I should mention that when doing the bulk smushit, than I have to do it dozens and dozens of times. It only seems to do a couple of images, then shows a short list of the savings, then I have to keep redoing it.

    Have you solved it? I’m in the same situation than you 🙂

    Nope, I didn’t feel like digging into everything, so I gave up and deactivated the plugin.

    But the plugin seems to work good. It just this 1MB bug. Have you had any more issues?

    Plugin works great, but when 90% of the pictures on my site all come from digital cameras, it means every image starts out way bigger than 1Mb. Pretty much makes the plugin useless for photo blogs, which is sad.

    Your problem is not caused by this plugin but rather with

    On the FAQ page ( it states: can process JPG, GIF, and PNG images that are up to one megabyte in size.

    Do you really need to post photos bigger than 1Mb? Why don’t you just reduce them is size before posting and Smushing them?


    Valid point, but given that the majority of all the images on the site are uploaded by my members, and mostly from their mobile phones, good luck with that.

    For most of us that are used to working with WordPress or websites, resizing pictures is no big deal. But try to explain that to grandpa/grandma. It has been hard enough just getting them to the point where they are getting comfortable uploading pictures in the first place.

    On the other hand, as a 69 year old grandpa, I can’t help but point out that the original error message you got told you precisely what the problem was, that is, it was an error in due to you exceeding their 1MB image limit.

    So, it’s not just grandpas and grandmas who have trouble having things explained to them!

    If you didn’t understand the error message you could have looked at the website (like this 69 year old grandpa did) to get some more information about the problem…

    Maybe smushit should have a way of skipping the large files rather than just stopping?

    Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    The image size thing is (unfortunately) a limit of the server.

    The next release will have a bit more graceful error handling.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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