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    I only have the problem sometimes. It works like 99% of the time. Very odd.

    Hey there,

    I’ve also got the HTTP error! sounds like the API broke down… Deactivating the plugin will rid off the HTTP Error…

    @ipstenu: I had same as you, sometimes it works well sometime stopped but now it mostly been stopped!

    I’ve been getting this problem all day as well. Finally figured out it was Smush It and deactivating the plugin has fixed the problem.

    Same here, the problem seems to occur on thumbnail creation.
    deactivating the plugin solved the upload and thumbnail creation error

    Same here with latest WP and Plugin version. HTTP error on upload. Deactivating the plugin makes it working again.

    I think it has to do with the Yahoo servers providing the service when doing the HTTP request. Nothing to do with the plugin besides connecting to the server. You will notice that when the problem occurs that is also super slow. And lately it’s been going really slow, it happens to me all the time. Sometimes I’m able to keep the plugin on, but turned off when it’s slow. I try not to use the plugin since I have a frontend user page that allows users to upload and it slows it down too much, so I’m hoping I can find a plugin I can buy that does all the compression right on my server instead of using the Last week the service was running good but I turned it off as soon it started to mess up, I tested it just a few minutes ago and its still a bit slow so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

    So basically the service is overcrowded and unless they add resources it is better to stay away, right?
    Anything smushit has to say about this here?

    Well, that’s what I believe. WP plugin is not created by Yahoo, the developer just used it’s API so I doubt Yahoo has anything to say about it, it’s more experimental than anything. Compressing it on will work even thou sometimes i notice it a bit slow, but it works even thou that’s not what we want to do.

    CW Image Optimizer is suppose to be a better solution since works on your own server instead of using an API to Yahoo’s Smushit especially when dealing with images, which would make it even faster, the downside is that you have to install littleutils image optimization tools (works only on linux servers) and if you’re using a share server they might not allow you to install it. I tried to install it on Hostgator’s shared server and it didn’t let me. So I might have to wait until I upgrade to their VPS Hosting in order to use it unless I find another solution. If you have a VPS or Dedicated server then I don’t think you should have a problem installing it.

    For now I just try to avoid uploading PNG files since it slows down the site, so if I ever have to upload PNG I save it to JPG before I upload. And when ever I have time I turn on the WP to see if I can compress a few JPGs, lately I get errors but sometimes it works, big headache.

    But I am trying to stay away from WP plugin

    for example like just now I was able to compress a few of my latest images posted using WP , it only failed once. I guess that’s why I haven’t uninstalled the plugin since sometimes it works. So it is still useful.

    I just have to disable it once I’m done compressing them so it doesn’t fail when my users are uploading images, plus I don’t like it when they have to wait long for it to compress.

    I am having the same issue here (HTTP error). It cropped up about a week ago. Oddly, before I tracked it back to this plugin, a database repair/optimize cured the issue temporarily. Disabling the plugin has restored image upload/crunch capability. Any word from the dev??


    Yes, we are getting the HTTP ERROR as well, altho sometimes it seems to work, and sometimes not . . .
    Also, if we attempt to Smush a loaded file, we get this message
    “Could not find /home/l28c/public_html/wp-content/uploads/ Re-smush”
    Tried the repair and optimise, as suggested, but did not seem to fix this.
    As others have said . . . Any word from the dev??
    Thanks 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    Hi all,

    I’m the developer of the plugin. I can confirm that this is a transient error with Yahoo!’s service which is, unfortunately, totally out of my control.

    Understandably, the service really hasn’t ever been that much of a priority for Yahoo! and these intermittent problems do crop up. Their API policy ( has been the same since launch, though in my sporadic contacts with them they’ve approved the plugin.

    I’m looking for a long term solution. It seems that the ideal option is one that shells out to optipng, jpegtran, pngcrush, etc… and falls back to the web service when that’s not available. I don’t think that will benefit the majority of people who are on shared hosting, though, since PHP will be locked down and the system itself won’t necessarily have all/any of the tools installed. (This is the method employed by the CW Image Optimizer plugin. If that could work for any of you I’d definitely recommend checking it out.)

    I’ve also experimented with just doing a bit of stuff in PHP’s GD library. The results weren’t fantastic but it did yield some meagre savings.

    So… what does this mean in the immediate term? The best I can think of is adding some logic to detect when the service is down or timing out and then holding off on processing images for a while. Not very glamorous but it would at least obviate the need to deactivate the plugin whenever the web service is down.

    I sympathize with any frustration you’re feeling. Suggestions are most welcome.


    P.S. I’d also be really happy if anyone was looking for a project and wanted to spend a bit of time on the plugin (e.g. implementing the timeout detection).

    Alex, thank you for the great plugin! Timeout detection would be a welcome addition in the near term.



    I’m glad I found this thread… I am having the same exact issue, and to help SEs index this thread better, I searched for wordpress 3.3.2 http error uploads

    Sorry you’re having trouble, Alex. I guess I’ll deactivate the plugin for now and hopefully you can get something squared away, because I do love the savings I get from your plugin, with hosting 10,000 images so far.

    another possible alternative is using service which will serve different size images depending on the device.
    there’s a plugin for that:

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