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  1. hughhempel
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks for the reply Alex!

    I did as you suggested... Same outcome...

    For the first time I got a red HTTP error message that I did not see before... You can also see that the "crunching" message is "frozen" and I am forced to abandon the upload by clicking off the media upload screen...

    One of the screen grabs shows how the media loader (with WP SMUSH.IT enabled) is unable to accurately process the image to capture the proper size...

    The third screen grab shows that the actual image is uploaded and the thumbnails are created (but media library is still hosed because it does not know the "actual" dimensions of the image)

    This screen grab shows the media library BEFORE I attempt to SMUSH manually and this screen grab shows the media library error message AFTER I attempt to SMUSH manually (resulting in the could not find message discussed above)...

    I hope some of this info helps to debug... I am forced to deactivate WP SMUSH.IT as it literally prevent my Media Library from functioning whatsoever.

    Once again, thanks for the prompt response and a GREAT plugin!

  2. Alex Dunae
    Plugin Contributor

    Posted 4 years ago #

    I think I've found the issue but am not totally sure. Feel like giving a bug fix a whirl and letting me know how it goes?


  3. hughhempel
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks again for you post/reply and your fix! After a modest amount of testing, the fix seems to have worked... I can upload AND I can smush old files... Congrats!!

    My issue now is that the whole process is painfully slow... When I upload a 70k .png image, the upload is almost instant, but the "processing time" until I get my "media library" screen back is 20-30 seconds...

    For my shop, this amount of wait time is not viable...

    It occurs to me that this plugin processing could happen in the background allowing me to go about my business without waiting for the plugin to actually process the SMUSH...

    I reiterate how wonderful this plugin is conceptually and I encourage you to stick with it!

    Thanks again!

  4. traiann
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Alex, I had the same issue and it was not fixed but the latest plugin update. I am getting:
    Could not find /mnt/r1234/d12/s12/b123456/www/pitstopmedia.com/sem/images//mnt/w1234/d12/s12/b123456/www/pitstopmedia.com/sem/images/buy-now-and-add-to-cart-next-to-each-other.png

    The bold part was added by Smushit somehow. The image exists at http://www.pitstopmedia.com/sem/images/buy-now-and-add-to-cart-next-to-each-other.png

  5. DanMichel
    Posted 4 years ago #

    there seems to be a conflict with 'video thumbnail' when smush it is deactivated and deleted, that doesnt happen

  6. itmaverix
    Posted 4 years ago #

    @Alex Dunae, i have updated my plugin to version 1.3.5 but still when i upload image and smush it then i got the following error

    Could not find /home/a9248583/public_html/uploads/

    please help me to find the solution of this problem.


  7. Moogle Stiltzkin
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'll explain my smush.it wp plugin issue here in detail.

    Using the latest wordpress out currently.

    Installed wp-smushit. 1.3.5 (but i did test 1.3.4 before doing so, fyi)


    1. in media library, the smushit values are not shown, even when i click screen option and made sure smush.it is selected. For some reason smush.it tables won't show itself.

    2. clicking on an image in media library, and selecting show image doesn't work.


    1. when i upload a new image, it takes longer than usual when crunching. So i assume that the smush.it is doing it's thing, but there is no clear indicator saying if that is so. So it's just a guess that it works.

    2. there is no option to smush existing images already uploaded beforehand, which is a shame.

    I hope there will be a proper fix.

  8. Moogle Stiltzkin
    Posted 4 years ago #

    2. clicking on an image in media library, and selecting show image doesn't work.

    Actually, it does work when select show image. The thing i meant earlier was when i click show page where the image was located, it didn't show, but that is only because i didn't attach the image to any post yet. So i think that is normal behavior.

    Anyway, since i get no indication if smush.it is doing anything, the only way i could test if it did smush, was to upload the image, then once done, save the uploaded file back to my pc. Then compare file size. I noticed a file size reduction for the same dimensions, hence smush it is working.

    However someone reported that the smush.it plugin didn't work for 1mb + files, so i tested with a 1.3 MB file, and no file size savings were made.

    I then tested smushing it on the yahoo smush website, and it managed to smush the file to get a reduced size. So why can't the plugin do that ?

    In assessment, although it would be great using the wp-smush.it plugin to auto smush files; it gives no clear indication if it is smushing the image or not, unless you trust/believe that anything below 1mb will be smushed without having to re-check to confirm that.

    Also the plugin does not allow smushing previously already uploaded images.

    So my conclusion is, that until the plugin adds in a clear indicator like whether it managed to smush, a file size % reduction indicator at the minimum; then i rather just use the yahoo website to do my smushing.

    It has the potential to be a top10 must have plugin for wordpress, but it needs to be fixed up to make it so.

    Like i said, at the moment i can't justify using this plugin over the yahoo smush site for now.

  9. Moogle Stiltzkin
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I get could not find image using my backup server on a clean install for wp 3.2 fyi.

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