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  • Hi, have installed, but can’t see evidence of it working.

    When in “media: view and clicking on the now! link, it returns:

    “Could not /home/whenis/public_html/wp-content/uploads find /home/whenis/public_html/wp-content/uploads”

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  • Sure I can. The entire error is:

    Could not /home/demlasjr/
    uploads find /home/

    The path look to be right.

    Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    @demlasjr are you sure you’re on version 1.3.2? That message is from the previous versions.

    Hi again….It was to late to check better 8 hours ago because I was connected from my phone. I checked again, and is working for the new uploads, but on the old images I’m still getting that error. But for all new uploaded images is working as charm. Thank you buddy !

    I’ve tried out 1.3.2, but I get the following message/error when I try to re-smsh something in my media library:

    “Not Processed (local file)”

    Is this expected? If so, why does it do this?

    Btw, I’m running WP 3.0.4.

    @imsoper: you got that because you’re trying to access the page with http://localhost (so, is installed in your pc).

    Try uploading somewhere or accessing the wordpress with http://ip

    It is not installed on my PC, but it was originally. There must be something in the Database saying that the links are at the http://localhost/ GUID, maybe?

    Yes, probably is in mysql. Check the table wp_options, there you have the next possible tables which can create you problems:

    – option id: 1 / option name: siteurl
    – option id: 38 / option name: home

    Be sure you have your wordpress domain, not localhost as value.

    I checked my DB and options and localhost (nor a 127.*** ip) is not being used anywhere. Could it be beacause my Upload_Path and Upload_Path_URL are not filled out in my options? The images upload just fine without those options.

    No idea….try to edit everything….If still not working try disabling that lines related with that errors in plugin php file

    I commented out those error lines and works fine now.

    well….good news then 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    I’ve killed the local file check for now. Hopefully that will make things work a bit smoother.

    I am experiencing the “could not find” issue described above… About the only change to my system since this problem started was an upgrade to WP 3.05

    The error message is:
    Could not find /home/sparkpr/public_html/wp-content/uploads/ RESMUSH

    I am running the latest (re-installed fresh copy moments ago) version of WP SMUSH.IT

    Any help would be most welcome! This plug in is GREAT!!

    Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    @hughhempel Can you try again with a new image and let us know if it works? I think the service was down yesterday. It may not be possible to re-smush an existing image after a failure, so it will need to be a new image.

    Thanks for the reply Alex!

    I did as you suggested… Same outcome…

    For the first time I got a red HTTP error message that I did not see before… You can also see that the “crunching” message is “frozen” and I am forced to abandon the upload by clicking off the media upload screen…

    One of the screen grabs shows how the media loader (with WP SMUSH.IT enabled) is unable to accurately process the image to capture the proper size…

    The third screen grab shows that the actual image is uploaded and the thumbnails are created (but media library is still hosed because it does not know the “actual” dimensions of the image)

    This screen grab shows the media library BEFORE I attempt to SMUSH manually and this screen grab shows the media library error message AFTER I attempt to SMUSH manually (resulting in the could not find message discussed above)…

    I hope some of this info helps to debug… I am forced to deactivate WP SMUSH.IT as it literally prevent my Media Library from functioning whatsoever.

    Once again, thanks for the prompt response and a GREAT plugin!

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