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  • I understand our humble plugin developer Alex is potentially working with others on a new plugin that utilizes a different backbone from, such as

    I’m curious if any progress has been made, and wondering what other 3rd party APIs are available.

    Kraken’s developers guide seems promising
    There is also JPEGmini but I’m unsure if they have an API or support PNGs


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  • Bozz


    Anyone want to collaborate on this?

    I’ve been wondering who will be the first to create a WP plugin that does this automatically without using any third-party service. There are many command-line tools to optimize PNGs, JPGs and GIFs losslessly for Linux, Windows and Mac.

    Is someone interested in writing that kind of a solution that will keep on working even if Yahoo, Kraken or any other company goes bankrupt? It’s not among my immediate priorities yet, but after several months it might be something we’d really need ourselves.

    Anybody out there have alternative to smush it for Image slow running times? I have a wordpress site….

    it’s working now for me… please check it and let me know if any one needed help…

    I have a woo theme….

    I don’t need the headache of a site crash….

    I WILL check with my host and THEN try it …
    thanks viklyas!

    The first plugin search result for image optimize is EWWW Image Optimizer, which seems promising.

    It appears to require shell access to install the optimization programs it uses, though. In case you don’t have that, you can ask the service provider if they’ll be nice and install them.



    You’re right Daedalon, there are alternatives for folks with dedicated servers or shared accounts with root access. and other 3rd party apps are helpful for installs on shared hosting, where they don’t take it upon themselves to install new software because one customer wants it.

    EWWW looks really great, forking either that plugin or this plugin to work with kraken or any other third party service more supported and reliable seems to be needed. Any developers interested in taking a shot at this?



    I contacted kraken and received the following response:

    Thanks for your feedback! Yes, the WP plugin is in our top priority list. We will try to release it in few weeks.

    Thanks for the updates. Punypng is another web-based alternative for PNGs only. supports JPEGs, but is not useful with animated GIFs (returns only the first frame).

    Anyone looking for an offline solution for jpegs, there is The JPEG Reducer. Like, it uses jpegtran to optimize jpeg files. Basically, it’s just an interface for jpegtran for Windows. Tried a test image. They both seem to produce the exact same filesize in bytes.

    For pngs, I use PNGGauntlet which, I believe, is a Windows interface for PNGOut (too lazy to check). Tried to Smush an optimized PNG image from PNGGauntlet and couldn’t do anything more, so I believe it’s just as good if not better.

    PNG Gauntlet front page: “Combines PNGOUT, OptiPNG, and DeflOpt to create the smallest PNGs”.

    JPG Reducer looks good. Thanks for the link!

    hi friends i have used wp plugin to compress image on my site its working fine with me on wp v3.4.1 ,only one problem i faced that its takes too much time to compress image in bulk for first time.

    That’s the thing about compression and why maximum settings are not used by default: the waiting time can be too long for some uses. However, when it’s done, the files are forever smaller resulting in faster loading, taking up less bandwidth, using memory and processor cycles for shorter periods while transmitting the image, taking up less proxy/cache space and so forth.

    An ideal solution would be a plugin that runs in the background by cron, going through your files, keeping a list of which it has already optimized and replacing the unoptimized ones with ones it has crunched as small as it can without ever bothering the user. Optimally it would allow choosing between local and remote operation (like and include a mechanism to avoid causing too high server loads if run locally.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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