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    • CW Image Optimizer

    The CW Image Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that will automatically and losslessly optimize your images as you upload them to your blog. It can also optimize the images that you have already uploaded in the past.

    The CW Image Optimizer plugin is based on the WP plugin. Unlike the WP plugin, your files won’t be uploaded to a third party when using CW Image Optimizer. Your files are optimized using the Linux littleutils image optimization tools (available for free). You don’t need to worry about the privacy policy or terms of service because your images never leave your server.

    Why use CW Image Optimizer?

    Your pages will load faster. Smaller image sizes means faster page loads. This will make your visitors happy, and can increase ad revenue.
    Faster backups. Smaller image sizes also means faster backups.
    Less bandwidth usage. Optimizing your images can save you hundreds of KB per image, which means significantly less bandwidth usage.
    Super fast. Because it runs on your own server, you don’t have to wait for a third party service to receive, process, and return your images. You can optimize hundreds of images in just a few minutes.

    This plugin sounded interesting. But what i don’t understand what is the performance difference between that and smush it ? Which does the job better ?

    If smush it does a better job, why not then have images above the file size limit that smush it can accept, then fall back and use this linux tool ?

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  • Plugin Contributor Alex Dunae


    Awesome — I started creating a version like this but had to abandon due to a lack of time. For anyone with control over their servers I would recommend using something like this.

    The plugin still does not work for me. I am WP 3.3.2 and 1.6 but am throwing in the towel now.



    My website host has told me he can’t load littleutils because I am on a Public Server. I don’t understand is he correct?

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