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    I have just changed server and have sometimes a heavy load as i am specialized in earthquakes. The server people like the cached pages from W3 Total cache. I agree it works fine, but when it is active i have a very heavy reduced count in slimstats. Is there a workaround to use W3 total cache and still having the sum of the cached page hits + the others. The difference is ca 70% (less in slimstats than in GA).
    The server people are pressuring me to change or to find another solution. As i am a satisfied customer i truly hope this can be solved.


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  • The simple solution is to use a third party service for stats like google analytics.

    There is probably a way to customize wp-slimstat, but that would require a database hit every time someone loads the page regardless of how you do it and you can’t do it with W3 Total cache since it serves static pages without PHP. Quick-Cache loads pages through PHP and you could get thats using that IF you add some pre-cache-page-serving slimstat hook. This would all require some PHP editing, and you don’t seem to speak PHP.

    If you server has as much load as you indicate then, as said, a third party stats service would be the best solution. Leave it to google or something like that, there are many free stat services to choose between.

    Thanks Oyvinds

    I agree with Oyvinds, if your provider can’t take heavy loads, W3 Total Cache is the right tool to use, but this will prevent WP SlimStat from doing its job 🙂


    Camu, against my will i had to go to another product. What i liked so much on your slimstats is the very accurate hourly realtime stats. You are unique with your plugin. Great work, congratulations. When you are upgrading your slimstats enabling it to work with the caching stuff, i will be a user again.


    thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do to “upgrade” my plugin to make it work with those other plugins, because of their very “nature”. The goal of W3 Total Cache is to avoid the execution of PHP/MySQL code, and serve static pages. On the other hand, WP SlimStat needs to execute some PHP/MySQL code to track that visit, so the two are inherently incompatible.


    Is your plugin also incompatible with SuperCache, and in particular, using the Preload mode?

    No if it execute the Php code needed to track the visit.


    Thanks for the reply Camu.

    I must say that I am surprised at the incompatibility of your plugin with major caching systems. I would imagine that virtually all WordPress websites use a caching system, particularly SuperCache or W3 Total Cache, which then appears to negate the use of your plugin with most websites.


    technically ALL the plugins that track visits server-side, will be incompatible with major caching system, for the same exact reason. Some PHP code needs to be executed anyway, no matter how the stats plugin is designed. Unless it relies on Javascript only, which will not track search engines and mobile devices that do not execute JS code.

    Just so you know, I’m planning on adding a Javascript-only mode to my plugin, which will make it compatible with W3 TC and Supercache. But as I said, because of the way HTTP/JS works, this will not allow the owner to track search engines and other visitors with JS disabled.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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