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  • My host is doing 1 dump per day of the AWstats data, so that’s not exactly real-time. So I was using the Stats plugin.
    Put that all of a sudden went belly up, reporting zero zero. Add to that, that future version will be based on that vile piece of crap called Jetpack. I went looking for a new stats plugin. Shortstats could have been it. BUT.

    Last keywords.
    Completely empty after 3+ days, with 1210 -1589 uniques per day in the “Uniques” column of the “Last week” box. But I think that these numbers are wrong anyway.

    2 completely empty boxes, without heading
    One of those 2, should be “Countries” I think. The other boxes (see in screenshot) are all showing something. Except “Last keywords” like I said.

    I’m sure that the numbers in the “Uniques” column are way out. Way too high, when compared to AWstats. By a factor 9 to 10. AWstats is showing 141 – 162 uniques per day, for the same days.

    Uninstalling right after posting this.
    And moving on to trial GoingUp!, Clicky, and HiStats.

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  • OK, people. Problem resolved.
    Of the 3 I mentioned in my message above, only Clicky is doing well so far. I have all 3 running in parallel.

    But about 9 hours ago, I discovered Piwik. And it is brilliant. And Open Source too.
    You install it once, and register all your own websites to it, so that Piwik can start monitoring them. It’s like running your own Google Analytics. The numbers are similar to what AWstats is showing, so I’m pretty positive. Plus there is much more.
    (You can also add/register other people’s sites to it of course, but that’s not what I’m after.)
    If this keeps going so well, I’ll probably buy a self-managed VPS to run it.
    Problem solved.

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