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  • I used my ID and secret and repeatedly put them into WP SES, but it didn’t work, I also generated a new ID and secret too, but to no avail it still didn’t work.

    Can someone check the code of this plugin to see if it’s not malware? I would hate to think that my ID and Secret are going back to the author for them to use my amazon account to spam the world.

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  • Plugin Contributor Sylvain Deaure


    Hi msweet;

    Your credentials are only posted to amazon.

    So Amazon doesn’t accept your keys.
    Did you use these keys before with another service (like s3) ?

    Did you sign up for the SES service ?

    Then, please paste the error message you got when trying to verify a sender address (top of the screen). This will tell what is wrong with your keys (bad auth, no ses subscription , aso)

    I do NOT spam nor code malware.

    Hi Sylvain,

    I have noticed a bug, it was saying that my ID was rejected, but I first needed to add my email address as a confirmed sender, then I was able to save the settings and it accepted my ID (which is guess ment that it was fine in the first place). Also, I could not send a test email with subject and body until I clicked “send test email” first.

    So now it’s all working.

    Also, I did not mean to infer that you were a spammer, I just wanted to see if someone could check if you were.



    Plugin Contributor Sylvain Deaure



    The SES approval process is strict; I plan to write a little how to about it.

    First, you have to save the settings (email and credentials)
    Then, you ask to verify the sender.
    SES can only send from a verified sender.
    At that point, you can send emails to verified emails only.

    If it’s ok, you ask Amazon to go into production mode.
    When it’s approved, you can send to any email, and thus use the last test form and fully activate the plugin.

    Thanks for updating this thread, should help others !

    Hi Sylvain,

    I’m pretty good at user experience things like this, if you would like me to figure it out for you I can.

    I’m thinking if we outline each step for them to take, step one two and three.

    When each step is completed a it gets a green tick.

    We could use some jQuery to make the ticks appear and also neatly lay it out with easy to understand text.

    What do you think?



    Plugin Contributor Sylvain Deaure


    You’re right Matt,

    That was the idea behind the green/red text at the top of the settings page, but it lacks clear steps and further details to be straight forward.

    I’ll think about it for a next release, thanks !

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