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  • Give Me Your Email ID.I Will Remove The Text[SEO Powered by SEO Boost from PcDrome] And Then will Send You The Plugin Download Link.

    What needs to be done is to make the footer text optional, with a checkbox, as it’s done with the Platinum SEO plugin. This is a non-starter for me, and I won’t use your plugin unless there’s a version without this feature.

    You can contact me with the info directly as follows:

    Go to

    Click Contact Us and send me your email and other details.

    Thank you.


    I hear a deafening silence. 🙁


    When Gene Steinberg tells you to do it, you listen.


    (Have the RSS feed for your site man)

    Nonetheless, I agree. Even though the plug-ins are free there needs to be an option to disable things like this. PodPress has a problem with things like this, and AdRotate has that annoying little dot next to the ads that is bad.

    I have no problem pimping your plug-ins, and am in the process of creating a plug-in directory on my sites to list them if people wish to know what plug-ins I use. I just don’t want them to be front and center in my content. I did not create my site to pimp your stuff, I created it to pimp my stuff.

    I am sure some will take that as harsh and self-centered, but it is the truth. We all create our sites to pimp our stuff not other people’s stuff. If we want to pimp your stuff we will do it, but give us the option.

    As it is, I can remove these things myself by modding the code. It isn’t a problem for me, but as Gene stated a checkbox would be sufficient.

    My other issue is the one of non-response. Too many plugin authors ignore posts or emails containing constructive criticism or simple questions about how their product is used. One author wrote me back, after I sent two unanswered emails and made several posts, reminding me that I wasn’t hiring him for paid work.

    The point being that if one wants to enter the open source sandbox, don’t expect to get rich from donations. If a plugin author can’t provide even basic support, surely there’s something else they can do to spend their free time aside from writing plugins and ignoring the users of those plugins.


    You can edit the footer.

    By .. Natural SEO

    PPC Management Service


    You should try editing the footer like that. It is really not too hard. Sincerely, PPC Management Service

      Yes I agree with genesteinberg that an option should be thr in the admin to check and uncheck, that will be easier for lot of people wishing to remove the credit line.. Latur

    Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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