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    I have installed this on my blog and now I have a blog that I can no longer access! I guess I will roll back to a backup, not much choice at this point. I suggest that you fix this.

    It gave a Authentication bruteforcing after I changed my password. Not sure if this is related.

    Variable ‘- WordPress Authentication Stream -‘ of the POST method triggered the filter ‘Authentication Bruteforcing’ for the content xxx (my userid and pwd)

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  • LOL

    I too can’t access my blog thanks to a new plugin. Can anyone help me solve this?

    You can do what I did: Delete the WP-sentinel from your wordpress site and then go into the database and edit the Ban’s to removed your IP address. My hosting site uses PHPAdmin to edit the tables. Just be careful to remove only your IP address. If you don’t know it, it will be listed on the WP-Sentinel banned email that you likely were sent. The plugin itself will be in wp-content/plugins and will be named WP-Sentinel.

    This was suggested in by FattyMattyBrewing and it worked perfectly for me.

    If you do not have something helpful to add then be quiet. Not everyone knows how modify a WP site outside of the Admin panel. Helpful posts are always welcome. Mocking is inappropriate.


    Thank you, Leslie.

    I know, I apologize. I wasn’t mocking you, though, but the developer, who hasn’t given you any support. I know the guy, he’s bragging around in the Italian community forums (he’s Italian, so am I) about how good and powerful his plugin is. Then I come here and I see that it doesn’t work… this is why I was laughing.

    Sorry again, Leslie.


    Ahhh..LOL..I get it!

    Thanks for clarifying and I totally agree! If FattyMattyBrewing had not fiured out how to undo this I would still be in a mess!

    Definitely call him on this! It can be daunting to be faced with editing the db tables or reinstlling from a backup, that thank all the gods I had!

    Thanks for clarifying and for making plugins that users like me can use!

    Plugin Author evilsocket


    guys i’m so sorry, i don’t recieve email notifications from this forum 🙁
    in anycase, you could just force your ip address to change (turn off your router and then turn it on again), so the ip ban should be fixed.

    @ Camu:

    I don’t think this is the right place to talk about what do u think about me, you know where my blog is, come there to talk, don’t go off topic here plz 😉

    Well, this is the official place where to discuss about your plugin, I don’t see why I’m being off-topic here.

    Plugin Author evilsocket


    Exactly, about the plugin, not me.
    If you can’t, or don’t want to, understand the difference it’s just your problem.
    So, again, please don’t go off-topic.

    Easy, easy… cool down, pal.

    Plugin Author evilsocket


    Actually, i’m really calm (not cool, at least i don’t think to) and i’m trying to enjoy a film after a working day, so, just to end this, let’s talk about this anywhere but here (you have/could obtain my email if you really want to).


    Evilsocket I have a similar problem. I tried all advices and here is the situation. My wp sentinel tables in the sql database are EMPTY. I yet continue to get this message displayed for the website on my own ip:
    Due to suspicious activities, you are temporarily banned from this site.

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