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  • After running the database prefix changer, users and roles for some of my multisite blogs disappeared and generally became weird. Upon attempting to restore a backup, discovered it was seriously flawed — it tried to create a view that depends on a table that hadn’t been created yet, had the wrong syntax for dropping a view (drop table vs. drop view), and attempted to insert values into the newly-created views.

    Needs work, evidently.

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  • Yep this happened to me too. WP Security Scan changes all of the table prefixes in your database however if you use it on WordPress MultiSites it changes all of the networked sites table prefixes also because they are all stored in the one database.

    It makes your networked sites disappear. I was able to save everything by goiong back into WP Security Scan and changing the table prefixes back to the default “wp_” and everything worked again.

    There must be a file you need to update to tell your multisites to use the new db prefix but I’m not sure where to find it…

    Apparently changing the table prefixes should work as long as you update the prefixes in wp_config.php also. WP Security Scan changes the prefixes so the problem could be in another plugin that you are using according to this post here:

    I got this error right after activation ” …undefined user…/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 1357″


    wp-security-scan doesn’t work properly on multisite

    Been shopping around for a table prefix changer that does. Any alternative ?

    No sorry I don’t know of any.

    My host support suggested exporting the sql file and conducting a search and replace with a text editor.

    no working with multisite, what a mess now :-((


    This plugin does not work with Multi site. We will in the future start supporting such implementation though.

    To the WebsiteDefender staff — then, if the plugin does not work with MultiSite, can you add that fact to the overall description page? Thanks.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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