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    HI again,

    So I kind of got this to work. I like this plugin but having an issue. What I’m trying to do is create a horizontal (ideally) list of items from a feed with images and excerpts. If you go to my experiment page you’ll see that the formatting is a bit off.

    My question is two fold:
    1. Can anything be done to align the items as they appear to be cascaded?
    2. Can I align them horizontally instead of vertically? (Actually as an idea for you, wrapping this in a bit of javascript and adding an automatic scroller would be ideal :))

    Appreciate any tips.


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  • Plugin Author Allen


    hmm..good question…that would require likely stripping all the divs out of the css file, and building your own css file and also digging into the last lines of the plugin to make the css work. The plugin is currently designed to go the way all rss feeds typically do, namely you’re breaking new ground here.

    Makes sense and good response times:)

    The immediate question is can I at least get the div’s aligned vertically? It kind of looks a little too funky right now.

    I’d love to just have title, image, excerpt. It’s almost exactly what I need for my site. In fact what swayed me to this plugin was image import as most others seem to strip images out of rss feeds.

    Plugin Author Allen


    ok..what’s happening is that the images you have coming in from the RSS feed are way big. This is a problem I’m fixing with the next release where I’ll be giving you control to reduce to the image size…this will hopefully be pushed in the next few days. Until then, the only thing is to turn off images in the excerpt (that’s an option in the control panel).

    Gotcha, thanks again for the record breaking response times. Drop a note when the next release is pushed out. But yes, image size would be ideal especially if you can scale them automatically 🙂

    Hey Allen realy appreciate your work and your friendly responsing method.
    By the way i came with a slight problem.
    Images showing in rss is not relavent top the post.Could u please help me to solve the problem.

    Plugin Author Allen


    can you send me a link to where this is happening but also I need to know the RSS feed as well since the problem may be with the original RSS feed.

    allen realy thank u for quick response.Sorry for delay as i was off line.
    How ever i tested this on local host.
    My rss Feeder Adresses were;_ylt=AtgJkpi8krvbzZlOsPbs8Bm5scB_;_ylu=X3oDMTFnMnR2bG

    THe problem arose after added this urls which i think without images
    Could u please help me

    Plugin Author Allen


    I just looked at those 2 feeds…the first one (, etc.) hasn’t been updated since March…the feed has an image, but my plugin can’t read it because it’s weirdly embeded in the RSS feed, and the second feed doesn’t have images. Could you send me a link to where this is showing up as a problem?

    hai allen i realy appreciate your response.By the way as it in local host i am at the moment unable to send you the link.Some how allen why the same image repat for different feeds.Say if i insert BBC feeds the first image is repeated along with all bbc feeds

    Plugin Author Allen


    well, I don’t have a problem at all with the BBC…look here:

    There is no repeating image (and there shouldn’t be). Since you’re doing this on a local machine, I would look at the set up you have, or at least try to see if this happens if you do this on a production server…that’s the only way I know if this is a problem with the plugin or a problem with the server.

    thanks Allen ill look in to the matter again .I realy amazed about ur responses.Hope to get help from u on this when i needed.

    Plugin Author Allen


    Ok..I may have found a bug that was causing your problem…if you respond, I’ll give you some code to try to see if this does it.

    Hi Allen

    Iam very much eager to get the bug solved.So i am expecting your help

    Also Allen
    1. Y Feed Name number keep on increasing though i delete Feeds.Is This determine the number of feeds showing.
    I have 8 feeds inserted but only Two feeds are showing Could U please help me on this matter.

    2.I want to change the size of the image.I was unable to find the code that u are refering to

    3.If any updates to this plugin in how can i get to know

    Once again though these little problems, u and ur plugin is great

    By The way Allen how to get feed numbers to one (reset numbers)

    Plugin Author Allen


    First of all, the feed numbers are set according to the order in the database…the numbers are irrelevant since they are for coding purposes only – I could easily suppress the numbers and it wouldn’t make a difference.

    As for the fix, this is what you do (and will be available in the next update which you will see indicated the next time you go into the admin section on your wordpress site, or check back at where I typically announce when there is an update.

    What you need to is edit the main file for the plugin, find this line

    $myarray[] = array(“mystrdate”=>strtotime($item->get_date()),”mytitle”=>$item->get_title(),”mylink”=>$item->get_link(),”myGroup”=>$feeditem[“FeedName”],”mydesc”=>$item->get_description(),”myimage”=>$mediaImage);

    and add this line right below


    That will solve the problem.

    If you don’t know how to do this, then wait for the update which, as I said, will happen in the next few days.

    Best wishes,

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