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    first I would like to thank You for all Your work!!! Great stuff!

    Now – I am testing this plugin on new MBP (but the same issue is visible on iPhone 4s). The web is: (Choice theme from

    Strange thing happens – at least for me 🙂 Slideshow image first loads in high resolution, but than it falls back to low-res and gets blurry (after second or so). I tried both server and client ways, turned off responsiveness, debug mode (its ON now). Uploaded various resolutions, but its always the same.

    When I open the image in new window it shows in high-res (and downloads as well), although the path shows low-res version (×600.jpg).

    So…I am kind of lost here…what am I doing wrong?

    Just to be clear – the logo is uploaded already in high-res and constrained with css (so no relation to the plugin).

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Hello Jaakob! 🙂

    I tried your website on the new MBP just now, the first page looks fine, the logo and the kitchen photo. Is it a slideshow though? Because it doesn’t change for me, it is always the kitchen photo (in Retina). Also, I don’t see anything in your portfolio. Is this normal?

    In the case you are using the server-method, the filename of the image doesn’t change, the path will be the “normal” one but the server will return the high-res one.



    Thanks for quick reply!

    Sorry for being unclear…

    There is only one image in slideshow (yeah kitchen 🙂 – for now). When you look carefully, it loads well at first (high res), than after a second (max) falls back to low res…

    The portfolio is empty as I would like to resolve this and than continue with web.


    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Okay, I actually use Chrome (the Canary version), and there is no problem! But yes indeed, if I use Safari this is happening.

    The problem is not related to the plugin – obviously – but to the theme, and what they do in theirs scripts. It’s a bit difficult to debug as the script is quite long and does many things… but as their theme is suppose to be run on all this new and fancy devices, they should do something about it 🙂 You can try to contact them, tell them about the issue along with an important fact: it works with Chrome (Canary) but doesn’t work with Safari. But the theme should behave the same on all the browsers, right? 🙂



    Great! It looks like I am not crazy after all 😀
    I was trying all the stuff except different browser…thanks for clarification.

    I will contact the theme author and if something happens I will post solution here. However I doubt that they will be on this, as the common attitude is “only 0.09% of retina users for now” etc. 🙂

    I will try Your plugin on my other sites (, in upcoming days so I hope it will be better 🙂

    Again, thanks a lot for great support!

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Mmm, I think the percentage is slightly higher for the “responsive” devices 🙂 Anyways, as it is (again) a “responsive” theme, and more and more those devices gets Retina display (or High-DPI display but it is the same) they should really make their themes working with this retina plugin (and the issues will be the same with any others)… more and more people will have the same issues, and they should react.

    Please keep me updated, I’m really interested in knowing their reply and if they are going to do something about it 🙂


    I’m adding a comment to this post because I manage a site using the same theme. I’ve been able to use your plugin with little issue on other sites, but this one is giving me trouble. It also uses the Choices theme the OP mentioned earlier.

    I’m using the Client-Side method, and also have debug mode on for now. Seems that the browser(s) isn’t requesting the @2x images. The logo image (upper left) is non-retina, and looking at the HTML, it’s fetching the non@2x version.

    Here’s the non retina version:×147.jpg

    Retina version:×147@2x.jpg

    – J

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Give me a bit more time and I will come back to you (I am on a 3 weeks holidays). Thanks for your patience ^^

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