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    I’m using a customized Pro Photo theme, and I’m trying to use your plugin to build retina versions of all my photos. It seems to be working great (creating retina versions of the smaller sizes of photos, and letting me know when an original isn’t big enough to create a large size retina version).

    I read through some of the other posts, and got some ideas (even if they don’t solve my original problem). I went into settings>media and changed my “large” size to constrain to 850/850; I (pre-retina) always upload images that are sized 850px in one direction.

    SO, my question/problem is: I want my large size to be 850px, for the retina version I would need to upload an image that is 1700px in one direction, correct?
    At 72dpi, a 1700px image is larger than 2M… wordpress wont let me upload. How is everybody uploading larger images in order to create retina versions?

    Thanks! Jeff

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Hello Jeff,

    Sorry for the very late reply, I was on holidays 🙂

    “At 72dpi, a 1700px image is larger than 2M”: I am pretty sure you can make them smaller. Look at this: It is 2400×1600, 240dpi, and it’s only 1mo.

    Anyways, I didn’t knew that they were such limitations. Can’t you upload a 2mo image on your WordPress? All my original images are between 800ko and 1,5mo, and I never had any issues.

    I just altered my image settings in the dashboard a bit (I guess I have to live with having slightly smaller images if I want them to be “retina” optimized…?)

    If you go to this post:,
    all the photos there are “large” sized to 700px, but the originals I uploaded were all 1400px in one dimension. The largest one is about 1.7M (there are many smaller ones however). I did some more research, and I think (I THINK) part of the reason my file are so big is because there are uncropped JPEGS made from the RAW file of a Canon 5D Mark II…

    Anyway, this post almost worked, on my retina screen the first three (four-ish) show up nice and sharp, but all the rest are blurry.

    What do you think?

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Sorry for my very late reply.

    It has nothing to do with the fact that your jpegs are coming originally from a RAW file. Mine are coming from a D800 and I much bigger + I upload almost full size. My articles contain sometimes almost 30-40 pictures and I have no issue at all. I’m sure there is something else going on…

    What happens if you use the server-method?

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