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  • I work with a number of small independent hotels, and this plug-in would be great – if I could get it to localize; unfortunately, it is not written for an English speaking market, and there are no options available to change language, date style, calendar style, etc.

    Nice try for a beta version, however. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

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  • The plugin supports language files .mo . They lie in “lang” directory.
    I’m not native English speaker, so the text may sound not pretty.
    If you can offer a more correct translation, please contact me at
    Styles for calendar and plugin change in settings.
    In future versions I’ll do it more attractive.
    Calendar styles: gold, matrix, red, steel, win2k
    Plug-in styles: white, black, red

    If you wrote to me in contacts, please write again.
    Not working plugin contact form 7 on my site, I received a blank message, now works.


    On the Orders page – “Payed” should be “Paid”

    On the settings page, there is no save button – example, if giving settings permission to editor instead of just admin.

    When a user makes a reservation it takes a long time.
    Is there any way to speed this up.

    I disagree. This is pretty bad.


    It’s not bad actually, when you compare the only competition for it is Bookings Calendar, and to get many of the same features as WP-reservations, you have to pay $595 for a SINGLE site license for Bookings Calendar.

    Their free version available here on hasn’t got half the features that WP-reservation has got – especially regarding multiple resource usage (e.g. a hotel with single and double rooms) with BC free version you can only have one resource type and only one price with no seasonal price variations etc. You get all that and more in WP-reservation.


    This could be a sweet plugin, it has the framework logic, it simply does not work. I am sad because I had hopes. It is a straight forward no frills GUI room booking

    Hey gazouteast,

    I saw all the upgrades you performed on WP-reservation in the comments on the plugin’s page, when I read them I was thinking: “that’s exactly what I want this plugin to do!!!”

    Care to exchange some emails so you can maybe share me the code? that would be great 😀

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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