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  • Hi BlaenkDenum,

    Just wanted to offer my 2c: I really like wp-reCAPTCHA – I far prefer both its appearance and functionality to si-CAPTCHA. However, it would be great if there were an *option* to ignore comments for which the CAPTCHA was failed, rather than to save them and mark them as spam.

    Basically, the reason I implemented captcha in the first place was because my SPAM queue was filling up so rapidly. Not often, but sometimes, it would catch a good comment – so I would always check it manually. As it got bigger and bigger this became more and more of a nightmare. si-CAPTCHA solved it completely: virtually no more spam came through, because spambots could not submit comments with captcha.

    This plugin, on the other hand, *will* store the comments as spam, even if the captcha is failed (or blank) – thus, the net effect is that it behaves essentially the same as if I have akismet installed, and no captcha at all.

    ..Unless I’m missing something?

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  • You’re right and I agree; I think this used to be the behavior. If the captcha was wrong the comment was not accepted, and the user got an error message. This I think would be the correct behavior. I want to be reasonably certain that my spam folder is full of spam, not legitimate comments from people who can’t type well.

    Jonáš Jančařík


    I second this! It would make my life a bit easier.

    I’ll third it!
    If they get the captcha wrong, they should be told they got it wrong and asked to reenter it (it would only be ignored if they keep getting it wrong and give up… otherwise, they are probably a legitimate user who just got the captcha wrong). If they get it correct, then Askimet or whatever can decide to put it in the spam or pending… or publish it, etc. Captcha should be a first line of defense against automated entries.

    Also…. Please add the login page. I know there is another plugin for this, but I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be included. Wouldn’t that be a good page to protect with a captcha? I’ve got a strong password, but still, it seems better to just reject attempts.

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