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  • I am running 2 sites, both same template, version and plugins.
    On one site it works perfect.. On the other site it displays a blank page.. No HTML output nothing.. I don’t know where to start looking.. It used to work.. and the only thing I can guess is it is a permission problem.. Or a plugin that blocks something..

    wordpress is 3.3.2
    wp rt sitemap 1.5.4.. If you can give a start what to look at first or what to do first.. I love the plugin and it displays very nice the site content.. And very customizable.. TY for this great plugin..

    I know you get very negative feedback sometimes.. But the problem is that there are so many diferent site configurations and plugins.. That can cause problems…

    Kind regards


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  • Plugin Author Rincewind


    My plugin only uses core WordPress functions and creates none itself.

    The only thing I can suggest is to disable all plugins except mine, and see if it works, if it does, then enable each plugin one at a time and see which one makes it break, and contact that author.

    wp version:3.3.2
    wp realtime sitemap version: 1.5.4
    theme: bangkok press 1.06

    i had it working, and then edited some of my menus and tweaked a few settings and now nothing… i deactivated all my plugins but this one and still nothing. when i switch to another theme, i see the sitemap, but not with bangkok press. what’s weird is that i had it working for a bit…

    sitemap page

    here is a portion of the html source of the above page:

    <div class="page-wrapper sitemap">
    <div class="one-third column"> </div>
    <div class="one-third column"> </div>
    <div class="one-third column"> </div>
    <br class="clear">

    any ideas? thanks!

    I disabled all plugins except wp-realtime-sitemap, now it renders the page but doesnt, the inner html here is..
    all settings are default settings

    <h2 class="maintitle">Sitemap</h2>
    <div class="entry"> </div>

    Careful contains adult content!
    link is

    demilord were you able to find a solution? i have stumbled upon the same problem.

    No I gave up.. I disabled all plugins and still no output, maybe it is my template I use..

    🙁 man that sucks. i was really hoping you found something. i’m using the plugin on 2 other sites with 5 more to go and for no reason, it stopped working. out of curiosity, were you able to find another sitemap plugin? if so, can you please point me in the right direction?

    Ok I think I have identified the problem but my PHP isn’t that strong. In the Admin -> Settings panel under “Display Setting”, I turned all off except Posts -> Yes/On(Default). Then under “Post & Custom Post Type Settings”, when Limit is set to any number other than -1, some posts will show but not all. There’s something about that setting that’s screwing everything up. The work continues.

    I couldn’t figure out Google XML Sitemaps. How do you call it? Shortcode?

    it ads a page
    just go to your website and ad sitemap.xml after the url 🙂

    Its not fancy but functional 🙂

    ok. thank you so much. i’m going to get this stupid plugin to work. the fact that it works for 2 other blogs and breaks on another 2 with same code, only change is in css, bothers me.

    ok so i talked to my co-worker who set up the database and he explained to me the server was giving an error
    PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 83 bytes) in …/wp-includes/cache.php on line 506

    so when you do -1, which is “all”, it’s too much and the server ran out of memory.

    rincewind is there a way you can cache the results, so it doesn’t use 32+MB of memory every time the request is made?

    By the way, my co-worker created a .ini file to up the memory_limit = 64M

    Plugin Author Rincewind


    I know this is an issue and I wish I could fix it, but I don’t know how to, I know letting you guys down, but am being let down myself as this is my first plugin and I don’t know everything, but trying to get help, assistance and guidance from the wordpress community and wp-hackers mailing list that is more knowledgeable than myself is very hard, no one seems to be very forth coming with information or help, and have got where I am so far purely on my own steam and trial and error.

    If anyone is able to help me fix this issue or go about it a different way to achieve the same results I would very much appreciate it.

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