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  • Plugin Author Daniel Tweedy


    I go to the FAQ at

    Thats not even my plugin so why would it show you there how to use my plugin and/or how to insert the sitemap?

    I think adding a single line to the Options page and to the Description & FAQ pages of the plugin would be a good idea.

    I dont see any point in adding a single line to the Options page as the shortcode isn’t as simple as that, and there is examples on the CORRECT plugin page’s FAQ. The one you linked above isn’t my plugin I have no idea where you got this link from.

    Oops, I posted the wrong link.

    I meant this, of course:

    That FAQ doesn’t give instructions.

    I just found the instructions under “Other Notes”.
    Maybe renaming that page to “Usage” would be helpful, if that’s possible.

    And if you don’t want to include instructions inside the Admin pages (which makes sense to me–why force someone to leave the site to read instructions), then maybe a link to the “Usage” page would be a good idea.

    Plugin Author Daniel Tweedy


    I cant rename it this name is choosen by the people that make wordpress.

    Plugin Author Daniel Tweedy


    There is a link in the plugin activation/deactivation page to the faq, help, how to contact me and so on.

    Ok, I give up.
    It’s your plugin.
    I’m just trying to suggest how to make it more user-friendly.
    Do what you think is best.

    Plugin Author Daniel Tweedy


    No one else has made such an epic failure on how to use my plugin.

    Its not my plugin its you, all the information you need on how to use it is on the wordpress codex, which is where it should be as this is where people are looking for plugins at and how to use them, i’m duplicating this information in the plugin aswell, as I have to localize and translate all this for different languages, so no thanks not making work for myself just to please one person when everyone else is able to use my plugin.

    Whoa, let’s not be so defensive. I didn’t say “It’s your plugin’s fault”. I said “It’s your plugin,” as in: you have every right to design and do whatever you please with your plugin, and I’ll just shut up.

    Plugin Author Daniel Tweedy


    Ok then I appologise, but will stand by the fact that my plugin is very easy to use.

    I have to agree with the original poster. I am very new to wordpress and had a very hard time finding out how to build a page using this plugin. I still don’t know. The FAQ page refers to “examples” about shortcode….but in my newbness I didn’t even know what shortcode was and barely do at this point. I never found the examples mentioned in the FAQ though I looked every place I could think. The admin page shows a number of phrases to use but it doesn’t say how to format them. I had previously tried simply pasting those in and it obviously didn’t work. I searched wordpress for “shortcode” and saw that the examples given were placed in brackets. I then tried enclosing them in “[]” and the result was to create a page that had nothing on it except:

    “Sitemap created with WP Realtime Sitemap.”

    At this point I am guessing that either the syntax with the brackets was incorrect or the plugin doesn’t function with ver 3.2.1.

    I am pretty frustrated because this plugin looks great and exactly what I am needing. Any help would be much appreciated.


    Plugin Author Daniel Tweedy


    I have to disagree with both of you, as you are the only 2 people that cant install this plugin.

    How about you look on the plugin page which I have already advised once before, there is a lot of information on the wordpress codex which I have taken the time to write, so why not go and read it ?

    But sadly it seems that people wish to be spoonfed information, and when they are, they dont even have the decency to make a donation or anything for the use of this free to use plugin.

    But here is the information you dont seem to be able to find by yourself:

    Thanks for the quick reply. You are surely free to disagree and to see both of us as blips on the screen. You may be right. And maybe you are not.

    Best to you.

    It would be better if in the installation tab add a text: “See other notes tab for further instructions”


    move the shortcode setup instructions text into installation tab

    Plugin Author Daniel Tweedy


    I have made changes to the readme.txt file hopefully people will find it easier to install my plugin and get it working now.

    thanks to author, the plugin very usefull to me :).
    to all, its very easy to use, just add new page, and put the code [wp-realtime-sitemap] on the wysiwyg. and put the pages on the menu.thats it.

    Plugin Author Daniel Tweedy


    Thanks very much!

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