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  • I am sure this plugin will become very popular quickly.

    I just tested it with latest multisite install and it works out of a box, but has two bugs:
    1. it uploads just full size image
    2. it overrides files with same name

    Instal is not fresh but I’ll test that also and post a result when finish.

    Also, I looked at code and notice just 3 image extensions, does it means that it is not possible to uploads any other file type.

    Would be great if bugs could be fixed and to having a feature to allow uploading any file type and size that s3 allows so to take advantage of uploading directly without touching server.

    Anyway thanks for a great plugin.

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  • Just a small update

    I check again same file name bug and it seams that it does overwrite previous file with the same name just in case the size of the file is different, for same size file it append “_0” at the end as it should.

    Thanks !!!!!

    Thanks for your report! I will have a look at this and release a bug-fixed version within shortly.

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