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  • If you’re looking for multilingual plugin, you can try

    That will be very useful for our users if you try that plugin and tell us the results.

    I am already trying wpml, thank you. But there are these problems:

    0. Localized address from google. It happens with the google maps geocoding api I have done it full custom on non wordpress, non property sites. I just want a different configuration when I have greek on ( style or to find my addresses in greek, and english when using the english configuration. If I type greek and having the setting for reverse address in english, it will bring me english. The reason I want this is to create a search similar to airbnb — typing a location as a required search step. (that means ditching property_search for now and maaybe property_overview, unless there is a way to preload these data for property_overview, by using a wp_query object). I am thinking on replicating the settings into a different entry followed by the icl_locale thing that wpml generates.

    1. I won’t be using the [property_search] tag, since I need a special filter (see above)

    2. I have already seen the wp_property settings in wp_options so I can repopulate the other search fields (which I can control from the configuration menu), for a specific functionality (post filtering my data).

    So my actual problem at the moment is not making it multilingual (which it works, I’ve tested with the /{lang}/ option and it’s very great btw!), but making the settings work in the multilingual environment. FYI the selector does appear on the property settings page, so it can work with a hack.

    Can you be more explicit ?
    Is the configuration attached to the plugin (and the all website) ?

    or his the configuration attached to one post (page or CPT) ?

    In the wordpress options table (mine is called wpp_options), wp-property adds an entry called wpp_settings that has the configuration of wp-property (initial values and values that you setup via the settings page when you install the plugin).

    One of this properties refers to the language the google geocoding api translates to (variable: google_maps_localization). In order to setup this property (default is en locale, which means every address you type in every language it reverse locates it and returns the data in english language), there is a dropdown box on the properties page. This means that when I choose an address to type into wp-property entry, either it’s german either it’s chinese, or in my case, greek, it will generate the reverse address (or the nearest address data) in ENGLISH. If I recheck that in greek (EL) it will translate the above addresses in greek. But the problem is that this setting is global for the wp-property.

    The same thing stands for choosing your own page to override property settings. I would like for example to have a different page for english properties (whereas english I mean international), and a different page for greek properties (remark: not properties in greece, but the language of the page).

    So my thoughts are that when it is detected that wpml exists (I might try to implement it myself but it seems too big work for a simple customization) it needs to do this:

    1. basic fallback page (en) with all the wp-property settings set there initially.
    2. for each different wpml language setup a second ruleset that is dependent on that language. for example, I have enabled greek (el, my native language) and spanish (es), which means that:
    every option I do while I am in greek, will stay for the greek site only. and in spanish for the spanish site only, just like how the wpml plugin works, on posts, pages, custom types etc.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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