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  • I am having some trouble with the shortcodes.

    First of all, shortcode_overview sorting as dropdown menu is not working. I found out that there was some code commented out on the template_functions.php for that operation. When I do use that, it’s always DESC.

    Secondly if you use both shortcode search and overview, are they working properly? Has anyone achieved it?

    I see on shortcode search it fills the url with many unwanted fields. Also I have two installs one on tuxlite scripts (nginx/mysql) and one with apache/mysql. I had problems with nginx not detecting code (on sorting or paging).

    Lastly is there a way to make my own paging template because I don’t want to have a slider.

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  • If you mean [property_overview] shortcode, you need just to set dropdown as search input value on Propertie/Settings/Developer page.

    [property_overview] works fine with [property_search] shortcode. You can see that on Denali Demo site.

    Hmm, actually I don’t see any settings for such at the settings page of the developer.

    Ok, mostly what I mean is the sorter you use on the [property_overview]. I’ve been able to dig up some code on the template functions php codes, to have it operational.

    Now I need something to change the pager into the normal 1..2..3 instead of the slider. Is there something to tinker with?

    I have generally been experimenting a lot with the templates portion of the wp-property. I’ve made some complex javascript slider designs mostly with the gallery links provided by wp-property (differenting from wpp gallery). Added a bookings theme plugin I created (co-dependent on wp-properties), so now I need to do a very customized search on wp-property which the [property_search] or something similar will refine the data than fetching them.

    To make dropdown sorter type you can use [property_overview sorter_type=dropdown] shortcode. Please, visit WP-Property shortcode cheat sheet for more info.

    I’m sorry, we didn’t develop another kind of pagination. I believe, your ideas can be useful for other users too.

    Thank you for using our products.

    It’s a nice product indeed mr.Kostin.

    My problem with the sorter was mainly that even when using the dropdown setting, I couldn’t get ascending / descending order. The second button for asc/desc was deactivated, I searched the code and found out in templates/template-functions.php that the code for wpp_sortable_dropdown (a grey icon displaying the asc/desc of the dropdown) was not operational. It did show the dropdown options (i.g. every field I put in for sorting) but not a way to do ascending/descending sort of that field. I did unmarked the code and it was fixed (unfortunately now, I can’t use any upgrades of the wp-property if they come out in this state because of this tweaking).

    Anyway, as for the pagination, I am guessing I am going to have to do a manual post query (using the standard wp_query() method) for pagination and perhaps getting my data, but still using the very good backend interface (mostly that was what intrigued me on using wordpress+properties in the first place, I would have used any cms with custom field work instead).

    I believe you can use [property_overview sorter_type=dropdown sort_order=DESC] shortcode. Please, visit WP-Property shortcode cheat sheet.

    Hi Kostin,

    I am using wp property plugin but its slider not working properly. When I click on next then it goes to last page. I sort the listing 2 per page. It means then I click on next button then it will be show next 2 not last page 2listing. So please guide me where I did wrong. I am using this shortcode “[property_overview sorter=on per_page=2] “. I will wait for your reply. Thanks

    Hi, Rickky
    We’re finishing WP-Property 1.36.3 version, which I believe, will fix that issue. Please, wait a little.

    Thanks for fast reply Kostin. Definitely I will wait for new update. Thanks again.

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