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  • I’m looking for a PM system like this, but the essential feature needs to be some way of seeing if a private message is waiting for you to read it. I deally there would be a widget that shows in the web page when a private meswsage is waiting to be read. Also there needs to be some way to initiate a message to a member from the web page, ie when viewing a comment by him, or seeing his profile. If we check other PM systems we can see this well implemented ie in forum software like IPB phpBB etc. Thanks for the release… Looking forward to further development πŸ™‚

    So here’s what I’m thinking…

    1- Create a widget that shows My last x messages with link to message page to read them

    2- Create a javascript fuction to show a popup link when hovering over a username on the web page. The link says ‘Send private message’ This takes you to the write screen with user already selcted.

    If you can do this, your message system will definitely be the leader!
    Hope I’ve not asked too much, thanks for any input.

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  • I answered your comment on my website: πŸ™‚

    Here is my message:

    I made a dashboard widget first, but I didnt like it. πŸ™‚ Maybe it requires a sidebar widget . And your idea is great, of course we can add javascript.

    For example, somebody reads post, and wondering the author πŸ™‚ He or she clicks the author name, and see the popup message, send pm. He wants to send pm, if he is registered user, pm system takes him to write screen, and if not registered takes him to register page πŸ™‚
    I like the idea.

    Thanks so much.
    See you soon, new features coming πŸ™‚

    Great to see you going further. You may want to look at this plugin here and see how they make a small popup when hovering over the author name in any post. Ideally, this popup would also show a link to ‘send private message’ Then we see very nice integration of an author details and your PM system.

    Great plugin! I left a message on your website, but I’ll leave my suggestion here as well.

    It looks like when we choose a recipient for a PM, we have to choose from the list of users. But what if we have, say 150 users? It could be very hard to find them in the list.

    Can you add a way to either 1) type the recipient’s name or 2) can you make the member list in alphabetical order so that if a website has hundreds or thousands of users, they can easily find the name they want?

    The suggestion by houseofstrauss is a great one as well, and this plugin is well on its way to being, as far as I can tell, THE PM plugin available for WordPress.

    Thanks again.

    Fantastic plugin – loving it so far.

    I’m developing a community blogging site ( and something like this is essential.

    I second the requests above – the ability to send a pm from any author’s name on a comment / post / blogsite, the ability to see from your blogsite frontpage how many pm’s are waiting for you, and an easier way of finding a user to PM (maybe a search box where you type in the first letter of the username and it pulls up a list of all usernames beginning with that letter?)

    Hugely looking forward to updates. Thanks!

    asechrest and WelshPixie I have a feeling that if you watch this space over the next few days you will be in for a very pleasant surprise …

    houseofstrauss, I hope so! And thanks for linking the Author Exposed plugin; very nice indeed, we might incorporate that ^.^

    welshpixie>> houseofstrauss, I hope so! And thanks for linking the Author Exposed plugin; very nice indeed, we might incorporate that ^.^ Wait a bit and you might get both sheep in one field.

    Hi there,

    any news about that? I’m looking for exact the same feature.


    Will this plugin continue to be developed?

    I emailed wpuzmani and posted on his own forum to see what his agenda is and to date heard nothing back πŸ™ I don’t know if he checks this forum often. We eagerly await your contribution wpuzmani!

    This is a great plugin. But like the others in the thread it needs a little more development.

    1) Some sort of sidebar or other widget to alert a user that he/she has a waiting PM.

    2) some better management for the usrlist for blogs with a large number of userIDs

    Shame the authors website has no obvious navigation to the content relevant to the plugin (for those many of us who dont read Turkish) and everything sems to have gone quiet.

    Bummer. Wonder if this plugin is dead? Such potential!

    The plugin still works in WP 2.8.4, and messages do get sent and received. Received messages show up in the table, but no sent messages show up under “Send Messages” (even though I see them in the database with phpMyAdmin). Maybe something broke with WP 2.8.

    It was easy to fix the two spelling errors in the source code:
    “Recieved Messages” and “Send Messages” fixed to be:
    “Received Messages” and “Sent Messages”

    Any PHP programmer out there want to try to fix this if the original developer has abandoned the plugin?

    Best regards,



    Hi, wpuzmani!
    Great plugin, very cool!
    How can i build write and read PM forms in page if don’t want to use dashboard?



    can i have the integerated and final version of this plugin?

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