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  • nope, just create a new folder and named it something like “stars(resized)” and then resized the images you want and put it inside the new folder while maintain the same file name.

    After that go to WP-Admin -> Ratings -> Ratings Options and choose “stars(resized)” as the style.

    Well, I figured that out. But my problem was that I wanted to be able to use the ‘stars_crystal’ stars and another set on the same page, or even on a different page, and your plugin doesn’t allow that out of the box. However, you did kindly provide a filter (‘expand_ratings_template’). So, I created a function that I can call to display a different set of stars for the results by adding and removing a hook to that filter in the same function, and replacing the images through the filter. This is a bad way around my dilema, as it doesn’t work if you wish to replace the actual ratings stars (because it uses javascript), but it works for what I need it to do.

    I see, but I think GD Star Ratings have that feature,

    Yes, but GD Star Ratings is WAAYY too complex for what I need. I like yours, minus the fact that I can’t use more than one template at a time.

    I see, thanks. Because WP-PostRatings is designed to use 1 template from the start, so it is a little tough to make it use different templates =)

    You should add me as a contributor, I will implement something for it.

    Are you interested in adding it to the SVN or checking out the current copy in the SVN, modify it and send me back, of course your credits will be in the readme.html.

    I was talking about adding me to the SVN.

    I see, let see how it goes, because adding another user to commit to the SVN is a little troublesome, I have to drop an email with WP and their response time isn’t exactly great.

    In the mean time you can get the latest copy via I am not touching it anytime soon, been busy with my school work. So you can made modification and pass it back to me.

    Can’t you add me yourself from the plugin admin page here on

    How I wish they have this feature.

    So then the “Add Contributor” function in the plugin admin panel doesn’t add a user to the SVN? Well, I wonder what it does? Anyway, I am looking at the code… What is ‘customrating’ used for?

    Well, since I have too many of my own projects going on right now, I just don’t have the time to implement my request at this moment. Plus my filter hook + CSS seems to be accomplishing what I need for the moment. However, I have fixed a few things that needed done.

    First of all, if you turn on debug mode (E_ALL errors) you’ll see countless notices. Mainly this comes from your using $_GET variables without checking if they are set first. So I did an isset check on all $_GET variables before using them, and that eliminated most, if not all, of the notices.

    Also, a thing that drove me CRAZY, when I would set up the templates how I like them, but decide to change the image, it would reset all the templates as well! This is absolutely unnecessary as you have buttons on the template page to reset the default templates. So, I removed the code that reset the templates from the options page. Everything seems to work great!

    So, if you will give me your email address, I will send you my modifications, please.

    I need it to reset the template because I do support up/down ratings as well as star ratings. If the user choose up/down rating from star ratings, the templates should get resetted and switch to the up/down ratings.

    lesterchan AT gmail DOT com

    Well, then why don’t we only update it if we change from one to the other?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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