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  • I have a horizontal (side-scroll) layout for my blog and it would be nice to have a plugin that split text automatically into as many columns as needed as defined by a column width and height.

    This plugin makes manually splitting content into columns easier, but what about having a plugin where you could wrap all the content in one tag and it would automatically parse out the columns wrapped in divs or table cells, again defined by width and height.

    I found a javascript that does the parsing, but I’m not knowledgeable with javascript, and the only way I can see getting it to work as it is the content would have to be repeated twice in the resulting source code.

    An automatic column splitter plugin would be essential for a side scroll layout. I know css3 has been promising a multi-column attribute but I have no idea when browser support for this will happen. I found an ‘A List Apart’ article that offered a javascript module to emulate the new css3 rule, but I tried it out and it is limited on a fundamental level and that is you can not define the column height. It seems everyone is still stuck in thinking that browsers only have vertical scroll bars.

    This may be in development for css3, but it is a chance for wordpress to enable a stable side-scroll layout now.

    Any help/suggestions?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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