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  • Plugin Author Lester Chan


    Your theme is missing <?php wp_head(); ?> or <?php wp_footer(); ?> or both

    Nope, this has absolutely nothing to do with wp_head() or wp_footer().

    My self-built theme runs on WordPress 3.3.1 on Apache and it most definitely has these functions on each page. I double checked just now to make sure, and both functions are there. Yet every time someone tries to vote there is a Javascript alert box proclaiming: “Your last request is still being processed. Please wait a while …”

    I will dig into this a little further, since strangely enough this problem does not seems to occur on Lighttpd 1.4, will update as soon as I know something.

    Hmm, interesting. Tracking this, I found that when the Javascript function poll_vote() is invoked (by clicking the vote-button) the following error is shown in the Firebug console:
    NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://www.domain.tld/wp-content/plugins/wp-polls/wp-polls.php

    Calling it a second time —either by clicking the button or directly using the console— throws the message claiming the request is being processed. Which is of course untrue since there’s a 404 being returned.

    The strange thing is, the file is physically there. I checked it, it’s there, it’s not empty. So my suspicions is that there’s some server re-write rule, or a file/folder permission that’s causing this.

    Even stranger, I double-checked, and this issue is non-existant on Lighttpd.

    When I turn of permalink URL rewriting (selecting the topmost option under Settings > Permalinks) i get the following:

    NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error -

    So I suspect this has something to do with server settings. I will call the web hosting company and report back with findings.

    And indeed, after contact with the server administrator he pointed out there was a security rule in effect that prevented files with 777 (or world writable) permissions to be accessed by AJAX calls. My solution was to set the entire wp-content/plugins/wp-polls folder to permission 755.

    If you’re wondering, the command is called chmod, and you can apply it using using your ftp client or the command line.

    This is great, very thorough, thank you!

    I have my permissions on 755 and I still have these problems… anyone could help out? Here’s the poll:

    Plugin Author Lester Chan


    Whats wrong with it? I can vote and view results just fine


    Yeah, I managed to fix it. I just “restored settings” in the Poll Options page and it worked.

    Thanks and apologies for forgetting to report here!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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