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    Somehow the network installation of WP-Piwik doesn’t point exactly on every blog. When selecting a specific date in the overview-list the Plugin shows the webstatistics of an other blog. This goes whole through my entire Multisite.
    Though the network capabilities are still experimental and I don’t know yet, if this behaviour is originated on my own, I have to say “it’s broken”. Wish, there would be finer rating system within the WordPress Plugin Directory, because in all other cases WP-Piwik works fine.

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  • Plugin Author braekling


    I wasn’t able to recreate this behaviour in my test system.

    Can you give me a more detailed description?

    1. Are you using WP-Piwik as a “Network Plugin” or as a “Site Specific Plugin” in your blog network?

    2. If “Network Plugin”: Does WP-Piwik show wrong stats to the site admin while he is switching between different blog stats and dates? Or does WP-Piwik shown wrong stats to the different bloggers?

    Plugin Author braekling


    One more question: Are the tracking codes mixed up, too?

    Okay, first of all:

    WP-Piwik is running as a network activation. The blogs in the network a domain-mapped and some are not.
    All Plugins will beforced into network activation by a specific network activation Plugin (used that one from scribu). Hope this info helps.
    Will explain further until I took a closer look into the tracking codes.
    So in general … overview data for every specific blog are okay, but – for example, if I chose a certain day back in time, the delivered data are coming form another blog (I can see it by keywords, read pages …).
    Thanks for the quick response.
    Everything was wirking fine until update to WP-Piwik 0.9 and a previous Piwik install.

    Plugin Author braekling


    The Proper Network Activation causes corrupt WP-Piwik configuration data. WP-Piwik works with the WordPress network functionality like it is intended in WordPress’ core: On network activation WP-Piwik will do its network configuration on its own.

    If you are using Proper Network Activation, WP-Piwik will handle its network configuration on its own… and the activation plugin forces WP-Piwik to configure itself as a Site Specific Plugin, too. (See also: [German])

    You can try t his:

    – Disable WP-Piwik
    – Remove all WP-Piwik related option entries in your database (wp-piwik_global-settings and wp-piwik_settings in the tables wp_options and wp_{BLOGID}_options)
    – Disable Proper Network Activation
    – Enable WP-Piwik

    Now WP-Piwik should work fine.

    One more approach:

    Does the url parameter wpmu_show_stats= change if you click at a specific date?

    after disabling wp-piwik, deactivation of proper network activation pugin, deleting all wp-piwik entries in the database and reactivation I get this error message, when network-activate wp-piwik:

    Warning: html_entity_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in *********wp-content/plugins/wp-piwik/wp-piwik.php on line 991

    Now Wp-Piwik is completely broken on every sub-blog.

    Update: Some are completely broken, some are the idSite missing (“Please specify a value for ‘idSite'”) and some show the behaviour as mentioned in the thread-entry.

    I guess, there are some hidden entries in the database, besides the setting-records?!

    Plugin Author braekling


    Sorry, of course ou have to delete WP-Piwik’s settings from wp_sitemeta, too.

    You should try this to find all option values:

    SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE “wp-piwik_%” OR option_name LIKE “wpmu-piwik_%”

    Repeat selecting from all site specific tables:

    SELECT * FROM wp_<strong>BLOGID</strong>_options WHERE option_name LIKE “wp-piwik_%” OR option_name LIKE “wpmu-piwik_%”

    Finish by deleting the global settings:

    SELECT * FROM wp_sitemeta WHERE meta_key LIKE “wp-piwik_%” OR meta_key LIKE “wpmu-piwik_%”

    The warning says that Piwik did respond an array (should be an error message), but it’s not correctly handled there.

    I’ll add a reset functionality soon, but first I want to look after these activation plugin. Maybe I can catch its try to manipulate WP-Piwiks behaviour.

    If you still can’t switch between dates, please check this:
    “Does the url parameter wpmu_show_stats= change if you click at a specific date?”

    Plugin Author braekling


    WP-Piwik 0.9.2 does contain a reset functionality. If my description didn’t help, maybe this will?

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