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  • Hello,

    I’ve got 2 wordpress blogs, same version, one domain and one sub-domain.
    I’ve change nothing on them but, since 5 days now, I’ve got no stats on one of them… No error message, all seems right. Piwik is OK, because I’ve got the stats for the other blog.

    I’ve de install and re install, but nothing change.
    What could I do please ?

    Very cordially,

    ANDRE Ani

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  • Plugin Author braekling


    Please avoid creating multiple threads about one issue in both support forums, so we don’t have to discuss this twice.

    My answer in my WP-Piwik forum:

    If your problem is about Piwik itself, please visit to get help.

    You are using WP-Piwik to show stats and insert your tracking code? Please check if the tracking code is inserted correctly to each blog. You should use a template calling wp_footer(), otherwise you have to add the tracking code manually to the template’s footer file.

    Excuse me for multiple thread.

    The problem is about wp-piwik, and not Piwik itself because, on the other blog, everything is right.

    The config is ok, I have the same on each blog, and I don’t modify nothing.
    I’ve de install the plugin, delete the sql bases, re install, and no stats again.

    I don’t know what coul’d I do more…

    Plugin Author braekling


    Are the stats just not shown in WordPress?

    Or does the tracking not work? (= also no stats in Piwik)

    Maybe your htaccess or apache configuration changed?

    It’s the tracking, because no stats in piwik. The traker on the other blog is alright.
    I’ve made no change in the blog, htaccess or other thing.

    Plugin Author braekling


    Can you check your blog’s HTML source code?

    – Does the tracking code appear?
    -> YES: Is the correct ID inserted in the tracking code?
    -> NO: Check your template’s footer.php (or similar). Is wp_footer() called?

    If the tracking code is inserted correctly: Are you using auto archiving? I missed changes regarding the cronjob some weeks before and my PPiwik seemed to stop working. Maybe you can start the auto archiving manually once?

    The tracking code appear.
    Even if I don’t use auto-archiving, nothings appear.

    I de install piwik for now…
    Thanks a lot for the help.

    Plugin Author braekling


    And the site ID was correct? In this case it seams to be a Piwik issue, not a WP-Piwik issue. (

    I didn’t mean you should disable auto-archiving… I just wanted you to try running auto-archiving manually once.

    Hope you will re-install Piwik some time and give it a new try.

    Br, André

    I don’t understand why, in one day, it stop to run, in only one of my two blogs.
    I’ve tryed to run auto-archiving manually, but nothing change.

    I hope so, it’s a shame to use analytics for my gnu/linux blog…

    Perhaps desinstall piwik and delete the base, and re install, when I’ll have the time.

    Thanks for all,


    ANDRE Ani

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