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    I upgraded to 0.9 on my wordpress network that was using network activate(so I wouldn’t have to individually activate each site), and the plugin has stopped working in that mode. The settings and charts no longer appear on the dashboard. Disabling network activate and activating manually still works though.

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  • Plugin Author braekling


    If WP-Piwik 0.9.0 is network activated, its settings will be shown at your Network Admin menu (My Sites -> Network Admin). Please check this, the settings are not shown at all Site Admin menus anymore.

    I did that but it only shows the one piwik url for the root site and I can’t change it for the others.

    Plugin Author braekling


    You are talking about the blog URLs, aren’t you? (WP-Piwik supports just a single Piwik URL in network mode.)

    In network mode WP-Piwik configures your blogs automatically by their URLs and also fetches the individual tracking code for each blog. (Showing the root site’s tracking code only is confusing… I’ll change this.)

    Okay it seems to be working now. It was just a little confusing what was happening at first. Perhaps some additional details on the network page would be beneficial.

    Plugin Author braekling


    I enabled a lot of WP-Piwik features for network mode (“WPMU-Piwik”) which were only available in “single blog mode” before. But I didn’t think about new descriptions to avoid confusions.

    0.9.1 will contain more detail information regarding to network users.

    Oh yes, it works.

    But you have to network activate the plugin and set the auth token once again. Two easy steps, but if don’t know about it, you’ll miss some days in you tracking.

    Plugin Author braekling


    Please keep in mind multisite support is still experimental. If you like to use experimental software in a “real world” environment, you should test its behaviour after each update.

    Anyhow the auth token must not go missing after updating. Didn’t WP-Piwik tell you to check your settings after updating?

    @thedudeabides: Did you also have to set your auth token again?

    I did need to set my piwik url and token again.

    Perhaps “multsite mode” should be an option after being network activated? Normally when I network activate a plugin the functionality stays the same and it just activates on all blogs by default.

    Plugin Author braekling


    Ok, I’ll have a look at this. Secondary I’ll add a warning message if token and URL aren’t set.

    There are three different ways to activate plugins in a blog network:

    1. Site Specific Plugins: Just add the plugin. Each user can activate and use this plugin on his own.

    2. Network Plugins: This is a global activated plugin working for all blogs automatically. Activation and configuration are done by the network admin, apart from that the functionality stays the same.

    3. Must-Use Plugins: Auto-activate the plugin for all blogs, configuration is done individually (as you described). To use WP-Piwik as Must-Use Plugin you have to create a single file in mu-plugins including mu-plugins/wp-piwik/wp-piwik.php.

    Why is’nt the WP-Piwik link showing for the sub-admins anymore? It’s a great stats for each admin, but after I upgraded to 0.9 it’s gone for all the membrs. Superadmin can still see the link in each blog-admin but it’s not there for each admin.

    Hope you will add the link again as this is a good and working plugin for me and my users 🙂

    PS: Dont know if this is relatet to the question from TheDudeAbides… but hope it can solve something for someone

    Plugin Author braekling


    If you are just missing the stats link (Dashboard -> WP-Piwik), please check if admins are allowed to see stats:

    My Sites -> Network Admin -> Settings -> WP-Piwik -> “Display to:”

    If you are missing the settings link (Settings -> WP-Piwik), enable WP-Piwik as a normal plugin (not as network plugin). So each blog admin can configure WP-Piwik on his own.

    It doesnt work. I “solved it” by going back to the older versio and updating some of the files manually. It works for now.

    I really hope you add this support in the be t version. I got 200 bloggers so it would be hard to maintain the support if everyone shoud do this for them selvs hehe.

    Its a great plugin btw 🙂

    Plugin Author braekling


    Hi demilio.

    Sorry for answering late.

    Can you tell me which files (and how) you updated manually?

    You are using WP-Piwik as a “Network Activated Plugin”, aren’t you?

    I’m no pro so i cant remember what i did, but i know that the previus version had the link in the user dashboard. So what i did was downgrade wp-piwik to the prev version and then just manually upgrade to 0.9 all the files except the main plugin file… Wp-piwik.php i think?

    It may be that i did some changes to that file too but cant rmemeber. I know i compared the main file from 0.9 and 0.89 and did some small editing but didnt really know what i did.

    I use the wpmu with piwik yes. And all the blogger got a wp-piwik link in the dashboard now with stats. Hope you find it out bevause people love the stats.

    Sorry for my bad english..

    Plugin Author braekling


    Please tell me some details about your WP config:

    – You are running a WordPress blog network (multisite/WPMU), aren’t you?
    – Is WP-Piwik activated as a Network Plugin or as a Site Specific Plugin?

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