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  • i have found that the issue is with php beta only. it break wp-piwik

    any ideas of a fix

    Plugin Author braekling


    Why are you using a PHP beta? What does “break down” and “it break wp-piwik” mean? Please post a full error description.

    i an not seem to get api working, only php seems to work.

    so i get is error when piwik is on, and woocommerce is active

    once woocommerce is deactivated, piwik works again

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    Plugin Author braekling


    Did you try to contact the woocommerce developers? I don’t know about woocommerce and what it does… and it looks like headers were changed and not set correctly so your browser displays the HTML code as plain text.

    You still did not explain why you are using a PHP beta. Try to use a stable PHP version if this error occurs using the beta version only. Which PHP beta are you using?

    Woocommece is an online shopping cart plugin which has been developed to work with wp-piwik as it states this in its features

    i have spoken to the developer of woocommece at length about this problem, he weven tested a few things to say that it was an error with wp-piwik

    i have tried everything to make Piwik URL (REST API) work but it does not, i have asked many question on here an ended up just using PHP.

    the version of piwik i am using is Piwik 1.8.2 and WP-Piwik 0.9.5.

    If someone can help me, i would be really grateful

    Plugin Author braekling


    Ok, you are not talking about a PHP beta, you are talking about the PHP API beta?

    – REST seems not to be working because of a misconfiguration (or a very special configuration) of your server. (See previous discussion.)

    – I don’t know why the PHP API should not work with a shopping cart plugin. What things did he test to be sure it is a WP-Piwik error? If he identified the problem it would be nice to hear about it. Woocommerce seems to override WP-Piwik functions/settings so I’m sorry I’m not able to give support on this without any hints.

    we did not say, but he said that it works with the REST API so this must mean that its a wp-piwik error

    either way, i just wish i could find a solution as i do not want to go back to Google analytics

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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