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    Just upgraded from 0.8.9 to 0.8.10, and it duplicated all the sites. I upgraded the usual way using the standard upgrade option, and it reset the site ID for ALL the sites.

    I’m in PHPMyAdmin now, I’m trying to reset the site ID back to the original now, but whenever I save it just creates another site in Piwik.

    How do I manually reset the site ID back for every site in the database?


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  • Ok, here is how I recovered.

    I downloaded 0.8.9 to my computer, edited the PHP file to set $GLOBALS[‘wp-piwik_wpmu’] = true; and uploaded the files via FTP and directly overwrite the existing (upgraded) plugin files.

    I then network deactivated and reactivated the plugin (not sure if that was necessary).

    At that point, any blog which had received any traffic during the time that the new revision was installed was now reporting stats using a new site ID, leaving all the old stats behind. Any blogs that did not receive traffic resumed normal operations.

    This now left me with what to do to restore the data for the 20 or so sites that were now operating on a new site ID.

    I ran this SQL query in PHPMyAdmin to recombine the data:

    UPDATE tablename SET idsite = “newsiteid” WHERE idsite = “oldsiteid”

    (Thanks to the good folks at HostGator for help with the SQL Syntax)

    You must run that command for every single database table in your piwik install (NOT the WordPress database). That will move your stats over to the new site ID.

    In the meantime, strongly recommending against upgrading to the latest version at this point.

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    Hm, sounds like an resolved older issue:

    You are absolutely sure you upgraded from 0.8.*9*?

    Please keep in mind multisite support is still experimental.

    Yup, absolutely sure I was using 0.8.9

    I just started using piwik recently in the last month, and downloaded and installed wp-piwik directly from the plugin repository.

    I have no problem giving you access to my wordpress install, database or piwik install – I’ve left the duplicate entries in there so you can still see in detail what’s happened. If you want to wait and see if other people have the problem, that’s ok with me, I’ll just keep using 0.8.9 🙂


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    Maybe this error is related to this one:

    I’ll have a look at this. Currently I’m confused a bit because I didn’t touch the multisite functionality, apparently I’m missing something.

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    Can you try the current development version?

    You can get it here:

    Please create a backup before testing!

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    Any feedback here?

    Plugin Author braekling


    Should be resolved in 0.9.0. Release soon.

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