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    Try Ctlr+F5. Propably it is cached

    I’ve tried does not work in the comments on wordpress and I have an avatar in the forum I have what I have provided.

    Plugin Author merianos


    Ooops ! Sorry 🙂

    Avatars on WordPress are related to your email account and the service that provide the

    To change you avatar on wordpress, you have to visit the above service, register with you email account (the same as the one you have on wordpress) and then assign the avatar on your email address. After that process you will have you avatar into WordPress.

    then it is not possible via plugins have the same avatar in phpbb and wordpress?

    Plugin Author merianos


    not. This is an absolute diferent thing. You can’t have the same avatar in both phpBB and wp, because you just have isntalled on phpBB. This is the way that the wordpress is written ! 🙂

    I hate to burst you bubble, but this is possible in Word Press United. I also have it implemented on my site:

    I think it would be a good idea to look it over and see what you can do to improve your mod. Having to change ones avater two different ways in two different places can be annoying.

    Here is a link to wpu:

    wp-united is a great software to integrate phpbb in wordpress but it’s almost more than a year that can not be supported by its creator.

    Plugin Author merianos


    As I see you need this feature. So in next version I will try to implement it, so you will be able to have it !

    ok thanks.

    @icemax90, yes you are correct, but it is important to point these things out in order to try and help them. Maybe they can take a look at how it was implemented in WPU and use it in their mod. That’s all I’m getting at.

    Switching to WPU atm is a bad idea and it is unfortunate that the creator is MIA. That is why it is important for this mod to take its place as this community seems dedicated to the cause and more active. Adding certain features will definitely help with that. Cheers 😉

    you are okay with you, I can see from there how to implement it.

    Another convert from wp-united here. It was wigging out the style of the forum header and other things too, glad to see it go!

    I second this feature though, there should be a switch in the options panel for opting to phpbb avatars instead of gravatar.

    About how to do it, WP-United is a pretty heavy mod. It modifies a good number of core files in phpbb, and then writes WP’s “index.php” as “blog.php” after you point it to the WP install location in the phpBB ACP. It takes over wordpress functions from phpbb, so how they do it will likely be irrelevant.

    You can add a hook to re-route the avatar get function though, like this:

    add_filter(‘get_avatar’, array($this,’site_get_avatar’), 10, 5);

    function site_get_avatar($avatar, $id_or_email, $size, $default, $alt){
    //$avatar format includes the tag <img>
    $imgpath = “”;
    $my_avatar = “<img src='”.$path.”‘ alt='”.$alt.”‘ height='”.$size.”‘ width='”.$size.”‘ />”;
    return $my_avatar;

    Those 5 paramaters are:
    1 – $avatar: the avatar given by WordPress with the tag . This is not the path of the default image.
    2 – $id_or_email: this is the email or id of the user
    3 – $size: size of the image
    4 – $default: this should be the default image provided by WordPress or the path given by us when we used get_avatar (third parameter as shown previously)
    5 – $alt: this is the alt value given in your img tag.

    Hope this helps! Here’s more info about it –

    Plugin Author merianos


    thanx for the infos archonic we will check them 😉

    Anyone get avatars to show up?

    The update 1.0.2 of WP phpBB Bridge solve this problem.

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