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  • Speedy,
    I had this exact same problem when I was running a forum prior to the wordpress plugin. I had no luck and had to start both from scratch.

    Sorry for the bad news mate, but it looks like you’ll have to start both from scratch..

    I’d be interested if anyone has a fix for this though..

    I found I was forced to log in using phpbb3’s login page (not widget) and then manually type in /wp-admin in place of /forums in the address bar. Does that procedure not work for you?

    If I login to the forum via the phpbb3 login page and try to access /wp-admin it redirects me to the phpbb3 login and asks me to login again. You can guess what happens when I then log in and go to /wp-admin :/

    Unfortunate =(. I suppose you could try deleting the plugin folder and seeing what changes. I can’t recall if I had that exact behaviour once but I know I frantically messed around with it until I realized it was working with the procedure I mentioned above. wp-login.php will still redirect me to the forum login if I’m already logged in, but wp-admin worked for me. What happens when you log in and go to /wp-login.php?

    If you need to start over, it’s not too hard. SQL dump your database and set it all up again. There’s a conversion tool for phpbb3 to bbpress which you may find handy. Soon I’ll be changing to use buddypress and bbpress cause phpbb3 is just not customizable enough and can’t be forced to play nicely with WP.

    Thanks for your quick reply, I will try this tomorrow or let my brother try it, he’s more like the guy for this anyway^^. I’ll tell him to ask here if he finds out anything new.
    Well, I hope he’ll have some success and there won’t be any need to bother you further ^^
    Speedy πŸ™‚

    Happy to help! I know what it’s like being stuck with a debilitating plugin. Especially one that disables access to the dashboard! What a pain.

    There’s a solution posted on the developer’s website. You guys can try it so you don’t have to sacrifice all the work that’s been done on your site.

    1) creating a New Admin in my PHPBB so it would make one on the WP side. (Despite what these guys say if you have used this previously as I have once you update it, it stays active and the widget does not.)

    2) Make the New User a founder and a n admin on the WP side.

    3) FTP into your WP-Content folder and rename the phpbb Bridge temporarily so you can have admin access to the Dashboard.

    4) Login as the freshly created Admin and remove your old admin account. (Don’t forget to give ownership of your posts to the new admin.

    5) Rename the PHPBB Bridge folder back to normal name and activate in the Plugins and widget areas per the instructions. In my case the New admin DID have access to the Admin/Dash. Now the bridge should be acting normal again and you can logout of the new admin account. Go to phpb and login as your Main admin account and the bridge “Should” remake the user in WP. you will need your new admin account to make your old one a founder and admin again and you can reclaim your posts.

    hey guys, i am the before-mentioned brother πŸ˜‰

    not sure if we are talking about the same problem here. the bridge only seems to work “one-way”, meaning that, using the wp widget, i can only log into the forum. it neither re-dericts me back to the wp page nor does my status there change to sth like “logged in” (in the widget). attempting to access via /wp-login.php ends up in the forum login as well.
    no user is being imported from the forum. at least there are no additional ones listed in the wp admin cp after turning off the bridge via the sql database. so are you sure that what you suggested will help?
    feel free to check it our yourselves!
    —————————————————– (the news aren’t final yet :p)
    username: test
    password: tester
    note that i removed the admin founder rights of this user, but i tried it with them.

    hope it helps you so you can help us πŸ˜€
    grz and best regards

    Okay, I’m happy πŸ™‚
    The bridge is working, had to start it all new again, but so far it registers new members on both, forum and wordpress and does log me into the wp controle panel.
    I’ll now try to put the backups on and prey that we’ll work fine πŸ™‚

    Still, thanks for your support guys^^

    Hey! I did the mistake to aktivate the bridge before adding the widget…

    “Login into phpMyAdmin from your CPanel and open your WordPress database. Search for wpb_active and select all the DB tables before clicking Go. You’ll now see the row wpb_active, click on edit. Change both “yes” values to no. You now have your wp-admin back!”

    As far as I know I have no phpMyAdmin login… What to do?

    I have access to the wp admin page and my homepage. Can i upload the widget in another way?

    I would appreciate help alot!

    Best regards

Viewing 10 replies - 76 through 85 (of 85 total)
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