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  • I just logged in somehow.

    While I was logged out of the forum, I was unable to login to wp-admin.

    Now I tried logging into the forum, then logging into wp-admin and it worked.. I’m confused.

    Plugin Author merianos


    After you have installed the plugin and activated you logged out from WordPress automatically. Then the authentication is made by the phpBB3 and not from the WordPress, that’s why you can’t use the wp-admin.

    After the activation of the plugin, any user that is registered on phpBB3, on first log in will get an account with that same credentials on WordPress automatically. Any new user that come to register on your forum will also have an account on WordPress automatically. The new users that are made by the phpBB3 on WordPress they will have the lowest level of rules.

    I have the same problem but then it redirects me to the phpbb login right, but it isnt in the right location and i cant acces my wp admin to change it
    please tell me how i can fix this.
    i tried loggin in on the form and then go to localhost/wp-admin but it still redirects me to the login that isnt on that path

    (p.s thanks for the plugin gonna make my life a holl lot easyer )

    I have the same problem!!

    What i have found is that this the only “bridge” for WP3 and phpBB3….?

    If the plugin is activated and configured you can’t go to localhost/wp-admin anymore?

    Who has the solution?????

    ( rename the “wp-phpbb-bridge” folder in the plugin folder. wp-admin works then but not the bridge.. )

    Exactly the same problem, can’t login to wp-admin after bridge activated, so have no way of getting into the WP admin panel

    Plugin Author merianos


    If you read the plugin page, then you can see that there is a specific process on how the plugin manage the authentication.

    Plugin home page [You can find english version at the bottom of the page]

    After the plugin activation, the authentication is made by the phpBB3. This mean that you can’t login into WordPress by the wp-admin anymore. The only way to login there is to use the phpBB login form. Also, after the activation of the plugin in Plugin Manager of the WordPress you have several Widgets available. One of theme is the User widget that allows you to login into WordPress and phpBB3 from the wordpress front end.

    Finally, maybe will help you if you have same username for both wordpress and phpBB in administration level.

    I understand that, but without being able to gain access to the admin panel, you can’t put the widgets in place as when you turn the bridge on, you can’t go to appearance/widgets

    And now, it says I don’t have enough privileges to manage plugins when I am the only user on both my wordpress and brand new phpbb

    So therefore there is an issue that you cannot access the wp-admin panel when you vitally need too!

    didn’t install this plugin yet, i would know what happens when maintenance mode is activated using this plugin:

    with maintenace mode on, i have a link in maintenance page to, after login i’m in admin panel. What will happen in case WP phpBB Bridge is activated?

    Thank you

    Right, I got this to work….sort of

    The instructions are wrong as they tell you to activate the settings before you’ve placed the widgets
    Activate Plugins
    Add Widgets
    Activate Bridge Settings

    Having added a fresh install of phpbb again, I got around the privileges problem

    Now, here’s where I find there’s a problem
    All is fine, widgets are in place, login via phpbb, but that is not translating back to WP so I’m never logged in on WP and can’t make new posts or actually do any admin


    Love this bridge script, I can finally abandon the unfortunate wp-united =).

    I’m not sure if I need to delete users or reinstall anything to get it behaving properly but this is what’s happening for me. All authentication goes through phpBB as expected, but if I’m logged in to the forum and go to [wp location]/wp-login.php, I am logged out. [wp location]/wp-admin/ works as expected though. Is this normal behavior?

    Plugin Author merianos


    hello archonic 🙂
    yes this is normal behavior cause you try to login to wp that redirects you to phpbb so you get a new session id 😉

    First, let me disclaim that I tend to not admonish programmers in the open source community as I respect their individual talent and contributions to open and freely available software. BUT, in this scenario I am going to make an exception.

    Failing to mention in your installation instructions that the widget phpBB3 Users Widget MUST be enabled BEFORE the bridge is “turned on” is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. Failure to do so will render the WordPress admin to not be able to access wp-admin.

    Here’s how to fix the problem;

    If you need immediate access to wp-admin then all you need to do is FTP into your WordPress plugins directory and rename the wp-phpbb-bridge plugin folder to something else. You’ll be able to access wp-admin once again. The problem however is that the bridge function of the plugin is still enabled in MySQL… Here’s the fix for that…

    Login into phpMyAdmin from your CPanel and open your WordPress database. Search for wpb_active and select all the DB tables before clicking Go. You’ll now see the row wpb_active, click on edit. Change both “yes” values to no. You now have your wp-admin back!

    This time be sure to enable the phpBB3 Users Widget before “turning on” the bridge.

    Dear programmer, please correct your installation instructions, talk about a dark cloud over a potentially brilliant plug-in!


    So is this a permanent fix or will this just solve the current admin panel issue by turning off the plugin and we need to wait for an actual fix for this?

    I think I know why everyone is having issues with the wp-admin page..

    you need to have your forums as a sub folder of your wordpress blog.

    for example:

    your forums need to be:

    otherwise you will have issues with the wp-admin page..

    Yes, this fix has worked for me no problem so far, just make sure that the phpBB3 Users Widget is enabled in your sidebar BEFORE you enable the actual bridge.

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