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  • Dear all,

    I have a perfectly working WordPress blog and a perfectly working (closed, only for some of my friends) forum. Yesterday, I tried to link them with the plugin WP Phpbb bridge.

    The widget on my WordPress site works, the authentication on both parts too. Unfortunately, when I add a new forum member with the ‘Add user’ mod (I closed the public Registering option on WordPress as well as PHPbb) ( they automatically become an administrator on WordPress, while they are just a regular member on the forum..

    When a forum users logs in with his own Phpbb account information on the WordPress blog in the ‘login phpbb bridge widget’, he gets redirected to the phpbb page that says something like ‘You are now logged in, please click here to return to the previous page.’ When they return to the WordPress page, they are, strangely enough, logged in my WordPress administrator account. Even showing my email-address etc.? When they visit just the forum, there is nothing strange and they are just regular users without administration rights.

    I tried emptying the cache from WordPress as well as phpBB, I tried using different computers and different IP’s, but whatever I do, my PHPbb users get logged in (using their own login information!) into my WordPress administrator account.

    WordPress is located in a seperate database from phpbb. The wordpress location is in the root, while phpbb is

    Is there any way to add members in Phpbb that get the role of ‘Subscriber’ assigned on the WordPress blog in stead of – apparently – administrator.

    Thanks in advance!

    (Using WordPress 3.3, PHpbb 3.0.10, WP PHP bridge 2.0, ACP Add User MOD 1.1.0)

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  • I posted about this very same problem. It doesn’t seem to be that the phpbb user just has admin rights, but more like the user gets transformed into the admin user.
    Take a look at the “Howdy” message in the WordPress top bar on the right side. When I first visit your WP page with my phpbb user, it says “Howdy my_phpuser”, on accessing the admin page, the message changes to “Howdy admin”.
    Is this the same for you?

    My topic:

    Some response would be very welcomed since this seems to be very broken at the moment, or we are doing something very wrong. In either way it would be nice which is the case.

    I actually got the following answer regarding my situation from the team:

    Hello Rick.

    Unfortunately we can’t help you with the problems you describe, because there is no a WP phpBB Bridge bug. As you say the plugin working good. So what you have to do is to check the logged in users permissions somehow from within the WordPress. A plugin we use to check the permissions for our users is : User Role Editor ( )

    By creating user roles and assign to them the permissions you like you will be able to control you content visibility.

    Kind regards Group

    And for the record, there is nothing special with my WP User Role permissions..

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