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    The photo albums work great; I’m happy with pretty much everything, except for one really annoying glitch. When I mouseover the thumbnails, any portrait (vertical) images will start to zoom out to the left, then pop over to become properly centered. However, any landscape (horizontal) images zoom out very smoothly; no problem at all.

    I looked through lots of other questions here but couldn’t see anyone else with this problem. Any help to solve this quickly would be wonderfully appreciated!

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    I agree it is annoying. It is a known problem that took me hours, but i did not find a solution to it. I think it is a jQuery animate issue.

    I will look into it again (maybe i learned something since the last time i was working on the popups??) as soon as i have time for it.

    Thanx for bringing it to my attention again.

    Thanks for the reply. Actually, if you don’t mind my thinking out loud, it looks to me like it could possibly be a fairly simple fix. From what I can see, all the images are starting the zoom aligned left, but then they’re being told to align to the center when fully zoomed. For a landscape, that works out fine; since it’s taking up the full width assigned, then going from a left align to a center align makes no difference. But when a portrait finishes zooming left and then has to be centered, it creates the pop that we’re seeing.

    The initial thumbnails may be picking up an inherited left-align from a parent, or maybe just a default. But my guess is that if they can be aligned to center before starting the zoom, the problem would be solved.

    Looking forward to seeing how it goes. Thanks again; overall it’s a great product!

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The popup box (container of the image and text) is basically:

    jQuery('#wppa-popup-'+mocc).html('<div class="wppa-popup" style="background-color:'+wppaBackgroundColorImage+'; text-align:center;"><img id="wppa-img-'+mocc+'" src="'+elm.src+'" title="" style="border-width: 0px;" />'+popuptext+'</div>');

    So, with text-align:center;

    Here it happens:

    // Setup starting properties
    	// Do the animation
    	jQuery('#wppa-popup-'+mocc).stop().animate({"marginLeft":leftDivBig+"px","marginTop":topDivBig+"px"}, 400);
    	jQuery('#wppa-img-'+mocc).stop().animate({"width":widthImgBig+"px","height":heightImgBig+"px"}, 400);

    So, the container has its content centered (from the beginning), and only the widths and heights are animated.

    I will do some testing with portrait images, without the animation, to see if the image is centered then… (not today, i call it a day for now)

    to be continued.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    I did some ‘fighting’ with this again. Would it be a problem if the popup for portraits has no white margins left and right? Originally i wanted the margins to accomodate for enough width for the subtitles, but i still cannot smoothly animate it.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Hallelujah! Fixed in version 4.7.14, to be released one of these days.

    Hey, congratulations! That’s got to feel good. Nice coding.

    Where was the problem? Looking forward to seeing the new release. I’ll be sure to make a donation as thanks for a great plugin.

    Thanks again!

    I’ve installed the WP Photo Album Plus plugin v4.7.17. I have created a few albums and uploaded some photos. When I view the photo gallery page on the site, I can see the albums, thumbnails and descriptions; however, when I click the links nothing happens. The slideshow photos and larger images do not load. Could this be a theme conflict?

    Any ideas on how to resolve?

    Thank you in advance!!

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt



    See if there are no warnings in Table VI of the Photo ALbums -> Settings page. Please open a new thread if needed. This is closed.

    Added left and right padding animation, that simple it was.

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