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    I’d like to easily show my photos in the order they were taken. I thought Timestamp would do it but it’s not. Is “timestamp” based on when photos were last modified or when uploaded?

    I have quite a lot of photos so to order by number would be extremely cumbersome, so I hope there’s a way to do using “date taken” since that is standard image file info.

    Or is there a way to manually sort them, as one can do with a Picassa album? That way is easier to correct errors than numerical sorting. With numerical sorting, you get one photo off and you have to renumber everything, so it’s not user friendly at all.


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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    timestamp refers to upload sequence.

    If all the photos are from the same cmera, you can use sort by name if you do not change the names later.

    You can order photos numerically; you may leave gaps in the sequence, to potentially insert later in the sequence without renumbering.
    So, number 10, 20, 30, 40 etc.

    You can set a default ordering method on the Photo Albums -> Settings admin page in Table IV-C1 (see the answer to your other question on how to get there) and, if you like descending (e.g. to get the latest first) check Table IV-C2.

    If you want a specific album to have a different ordering sequence, go to the Album admin admin page, and change the ordering sequence there (Photo order selection box, do not mix up with the order# in the album settings, as this is the ordering number for the album).

    Scroll down to the Manage photos to enter numbers at the Photo order #: input field

    There is no way to auomaticly sort by date taken, as this information is saved in the EXIF data and not along the photo data.

    Note: The switch descending is global and not overruleable in the album settings.



    Thanks, too bad you can’t just use the order when photos were taken but leaving gaps in the sequence will help.

    I would also be interested to use the EXIF time stamp. Is that too hard/too much overhead to extract the EXIF time? A step in the right direction could be to use the file time stamp. Those are synchronized with the EXIF time stamp in my case.
    Using the upload order makes little sense to me and I guess probably also to most other users. I am facing a situation where I have photos from various cameras all with different numbering schemes, but with the correct time stamps (EXIF times, file modification/creation time). Would be really great to use the actual time stamp.

    Thanks in advance,

    I need to display 1 photo per day. So, I am using Photo of the Day feature with the order # set as the overall default as well as the album preference. The numbers assigned to each photo must align with the calendar dates for each month. For ex., photo #1 should appear on Nov. 1, photo #2 on Nov. 2, etc.

    It was working at first, but today it is displaying photo #4, rather than photo #12.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    Another question:
    We are on Eastern Standard Time. How can I make the photo change at midnight on EST?

    thank you, Anne



    I am also looking to sort by the EXIF date/time. Any chance of this being added in?

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    No, not in the near future

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