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    I have, at last, after over a year, gone Live with my website which has over 2,000 photos in the Arcive, and love my WPPA Plus albums.

    Helen Oppenheim | Hair Fashion Photo Archives

    now find there are two important features missing and, since I am doing and planning
    on doing a lot of press on my website, right now, and into the New Year, and since many others must have the same important features missing, I would like to request two fixes as soon as possible, which will make your albums even more successful.

    1. Sharing Photos; This is the age of Social Media, and when I, or anyone, wants to Share one particular photo or one album on, say, Facebook, the whole category appears on Facebook, not just the one photo or the one album. Some of my categories have over a 100 photos so anyone doing that with photos from the WPPA Plus Albums would be horrified at so many more photos on their pages or website or wherever rather than the one, or the one album, they wanted. Many of my people want to post just one photo.

    2. Comments: I receive no email notification from WPPA Albums Plus when someone posts under my photos, as I do with WordPress Albums on my website, so I can’t approve what anyone says. Apart from the very real possibility of unsuitable comments, In my world, it is rude not to respond to people and I can’t keep checking in your Comments Folder in the Dashboard all day long. I am expecting many Comments so this is a real problem.

    My webmaster is very experienced, he has tried everything to make the above features work but to no avall. They are dysfunctional. Surely everyone would benefit if you fixed the problems?

    With respect, can you give me an idea if you can do this, and when? Both missing features are spoiling the success of my website.

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    WPPA+ is compatible with AddThis. The sharelinks are updated when one browses through a slideshow, and contain the full link to the page as it is WITH THE SPECIFIC photo in sight. (At least, this is how it is designed, it is known that it does not work under all conditions and with all browsers).

    Using an other plugin is possible IF IT HAS AN API function to update the sharelink. If you – or your webmaster – finds the api function and its documentation on how to use it, it is a small thing for me to make WPPA+ also compatible with that plugin.

    If you want, i can build in a switch in the settings page to provide links to the photos (plain photofile link) in stead of the entire slideshow. This is also not too much effort to do.

    Emails on comments: In terms of WP, which user should receive the emails? The owner of the album? One ore more users? and/or to what extend should that be configurable?

    Yes, yes, yes, would love that feature.
    Can you let me know as soon as it is done because I am holding up doing major press on the website?

    Not sure I understand your Emails/Comments response. So you are saying you can Configure it so I get email notification when someone comments, and approval?

    At the moment, No one is getting emails when someone posts a Comment on WPPA+ so I can’t approve what they Comment, and their Comments, which may be unsuitable, go straight up on my Website!!
    But I am getting email notification and approval rights when someone posts a Comment on a few other Word Press albums I have on my website.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    My webmaster just sent me this and asked me to copy and paste it to you:

    The AddThis API needs to be positioned under the description text of the photo in an album in order to post that text. I tried hacking the album template to do this but, it did not work. Right now it positions it’s self either at the top or at the bottom of the post page. This is why it only picks up on the comment HTML capabilities text. (It is the only text on the post page).

    AddThis is definitely not working right in the way that it is not picking up the text of the description of the photo and rather the text of the comment HTML capabilities.

    “You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <abbr title=””> <acronym title=””> <b>

    <cite> <del datetime=""> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> "

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Addthis: just install addthis and configure that it displays anywhere on the page/post. I will do the rest.

    With api function i ment (in the case of addthis) having the javascript function addthis.updtae() so i can do:

    addthis.update('share', 'url', url);


    addthis.update('share', 'title', title);

    this is independant of the place on the page.

    I have already made (not released yet) the selecteability of sharelinktype, at the moment one out of array(__('--- none ---', 'wppa'), __('The page with the photo', 'wppa'), __('The plain photofile', 'wppa'));, giving – example: –

    The page with the photo:
    ShareLink =
    (is currently the only way, but does not work always, but can be fixed in a day or two)

    The plain photofile:
    ShareLink =
    (Is under test and seems to work always)

    The title currently is the name of the photo.

    QUESTION: Should this possibly be the description of the photo?

    QUESTION: To whom should i send the mail?

    The above can all run in one or two days.

    The approvelink is the most difficult part, maybe a few days later.

    I could send you a zip with a pre-release if you want, if so, mail me at: opjaap at opajaap dot nl for your emailadress

    Thank you so much for fast response. Much appreciated. I have passed it on to my webmaster.

    While waiting for my webmaster to contact you – or maybe he has already by email, I have another question.

    Is there a way that if I want to send a page link to someone from any album, I can, without getting only the cover of that album.

    Case in point – I am trying to send a link of one photographer to his bio page on my website, and get the only the front cover of the whole album – which features a rival photographer!

    I often want to send someone a link to one page and cannot.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    All fixed in 4.7.14. The console log shows the addthis update actions, including success or fail. Read the changelog for the new settings. Also email on new comments and moderation…

    Is there a way that if I want to send a page link to someone from any album, I can, without getting only the cover of that album.

    Case in point – I am trying to send a link of one photographer to his bio page on my website, and get the only the front cover of the whole album – which features a rival photographer!

    I often want to send someone a link to one page and cannot.

    That’s a call for tomorrow.

    The Share feature works now, thank you very much.
    if someone wants to post one photo on their Facebook or any page, they are limited to posting the cover photo of that album, as well as the whole album of course, but not necessarily the photo they want!!!

    Since I have many and varied photos in each album and the cover photo of the album is not necessarily the best photo for all albums because of sizing or whatever, is there any way people can have their photo of choice on their Facebook page or are we stuck with just the album cover photo?

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Apparently you do not read my replies.

    This is important for you (from the changelog as i recommended to read as it took me 4 hours yesterday to get the features running as you seemed to need so badly you could at least read my replies):

    For reasons of backward compatibility: IF YOU DO NOT CONFIGURE NEW FEATURES, the old behaviour remains.

    – Type of sharelink for AddThis is now configurable in Table IX-F3.

    Also please note that the email notification works. Because i also did not get an answer on my QUESTION above who has to receive the email, i made it selectable, admin, album owner, both, or a specific user. BUT YOU HAVE TO CONFIGURE THIS ALSO otherwise nothing happens:

    – You can select which user(s) will receive a notification by email on entring a new comment. Table IV-F5. If the user has the right to admin comments, a moderatelink is included in the mail.

    I am so sorry, press campaign started, also i have computer problems, appreciate the 4 hours. I will pass this on to my webmaster.

    I receive email notification on Comments.
    [ email redacted ]

    Thank you for email redacted.
    Webmaster very busy today, no time for me!

    Upgrading on Tuesday.

    Upgraded my iMac, but still have Safari problems, gone kaput, also my laptop died, publicity, so Tuesday. Thank you for everything. Check Acknowledgments.

    I note that a Google doesn’t come up with any WPPA+ albums. Webmaster asked me to ask you about Meta Tags for Albums.

    First I want to thank you for this great plugin and the speed in which you perform updates and feature request additions. I is rare to find such committed support!

    Secondly, now that the AddThis share now posts the current image and link correctly I have a new request that AddThis also include the image’s description!

    Thanks again,

    With Table IX: Miscellaneous:
    Share type set to: The plain photofile.

    The link that is shared with Facebook is the link to the actual URL image file and not the album with the image slide displayed which is what would be preferred. This also exposes the photo to easy download which is not what 12Buckle wants. I have adjusted the previous and next width sizes with CSS to help keep people from easily dragging or exposing the photo URL. Of course there are many other ways to obtain the URL and image but, it helps.

    #bbb-1-l {
    width: 300px !important;

    #bbb-1-r {
    left: 290px !important;
    width: 300px !important;

    What 12Buckle ultimately wants is:

    1. AddThis to acquire current thumbnail for sharing with the current images description.

    2. The shared link to go to the album page with the shared thumbnails large image displayed and not the URL to the albums featured image.

    I know this will not be easy but, this is what she is hounding me about. I just don’t know how to do it.



    I’m thinking that it would be optimal for each slide in an album to dynamically have a unique URL. This would be very beneficial for SEO as well.

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