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  • Hi Opajaap,

    I have two suggestions regarding the rating system visual display.

    Following on the recent change of 10 star rating system, I have a display suggestion regarding the setting “Show Average Rating” which displays the average rating on the rating bar.

    My suggestion would be to display digits instead of the star image. Something like this:
    Average Rating: 6.12 | My Rating: ********

    This visual modification would help do the following:
    – help the user understand in a quick glance the difference between the two visual informations.
    – unclutter the rating bar visually (10 star rating system shows 20 total stars on the rating bar when Average Rating is set to ON)
    – show a more precise value of the average rating

    My second suggestion follows a similar user interaction logic: offer admin the possibility to Toggle between “star rating” and “digits rating”.
    Basically, this toggle would allow the admin to choose between displaying stars for the user to click on when rating, OR display digits with bullets that the user can click. So the two would look either like this:
    Average Rating: 6.12 | My Rating: ********
    or like this
    Average Rating: 6.12 | My rating: []1 []2 []3 []4 []5 []6 []7 [*]8 []9 []10

    Further more, when TableIV-17 (Users may change their ratings) is OFF, then it could display like this:
    Average Rating: 6.12 | My rating: 8

    – The idea for this modification is to offer the user a quick precise comparative between Average Rating and his personal rating of the photo. 10 Stars is slower for the user to identify a precise rating, as opposed to digits. So if digits are being displayed, then the user can compare to the Average easilly.
    – by allowing digits instead of stars, it also unclutters the rating bar, especially when TabIV-17 is set to OFF.

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The display is indeed not professional now with 20 stars.

    Will be considered. But first i take a few days rest after creating this bug yesterday and repairing it today if you don’t mind…

    Thank you for your consideration!
    Your contribution to this plugin is very much appreciated. Please take all the time you need.
    Best wishes,

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