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    First, I like the simplicity and functionality of the plugin design. Nice admin layout and instructions. I hope to use the plugin extensively.
    Second, I’m fairly new to WP and newer to WPPA+. Most I understand, but I have a few questions on things I may not yet understand:

    1) I used the Insertion code to add a single photo to a page. But, the description (or title when you hover over it) is not attached to the photo. Website link below.
    Related to this, I would want any inserted WPPPA+ photos/captions to match the font style/border of the photos I inserted through the Media Library. I already understand how to change to size to make it similar to my other photo sizes

    1A) My album description doesn’t show up on my gallery page, but I’m not overly concerned about having one. Just wondering why not?

    2) Is there any way to edit (rotate/crop/etc) a photo in the Manage Photos section?

    3) I want a black background (like you have on your webpage (Custom page template)), but I don’t clearly understand how to make this 1 change. Can I do this simply through the custom field >name >field on the edit page? And, if so, what is the exact name and field? If not, how?

    4) If I add the Filmstrip Navigator, will it always be above the Photo Descriptions? Seems like the other way would look better. Main photo > Description > Filmstrip Navigator.

    These are probably future issues:
    – ability to store 1 photo in 2 different albums?
    – add photo from WP Media Library? (I know you said this is under consideration in future upgrades)
    -maybe some more options for fade ins/outs

    My test gallery page is here:

    Thank you,

    – ooh, 1 more thing. I cannot turn off the music on your Docs & Demo site. If I hit mute/stop and then open a new page, the music starts again. Sorry, please don’t take offense, but it’s a bit annoying.

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    That is a lot…
    Let me try some answers.

    1. Currently only just the photo, like ‘normal’ media photo when you give no title etc (i.e. no caption). I needed to make the changes for version 3.0.0 first. Now i can start thinking on how to implement the [caption] and make it work like the media photos. So, let’s say: it’s in the factory, but it will take some time.

    1a. I see the album descriptions like: photos of members dogs (in small green) below the Big title (black) both in firefox and ie8. Do you run ie in some strange compatibility mode? or do i miss what you mean?

    2. No, sorry, do that on your local pc before uploading or importing.

    3. I did it with javascript. The full version of the template (a modified template from the twentyten theme) is there in the wp-photo-album-plus/theme directory. This will probably not work immediately in your theme, but you can use it to modify a copy of your themes page template. It should not be difficult. When making a new template, make sure the header contains the following lines (with an arbitrary name):

     * Template Name: My Photo Album page

    4. See my topic on Modifying WPPA+ Theme about making the right copy.
    Then therein is a section like:

    elseif (wppa_page('slide') || wppa_page('single')) {							// Page 'Slideshow' or 'Single' in browsemode requested
    		// The next 7 lines define the display of the fullsize images and slideshows.
    		// You may change the order of them. Do not leave one out, if you do not want a particular box,
    		// you can switch it off in the Photo Albums -> Settings admin panel.
    		wppa_startstop('optional');				// The 'Slower | start/stop | Faster' bar
    		wppa_slide_frame();						// The photo / slide
    		wppa_slide_custom('optional');			// Custom box			// Reserved for future use
    		wppa_slide_rating('optional');			// Rating box
    		wppa_slide_filmstrip('optional');		// Show Filmstrip
    		wppa_slide_description('optional');		// The description of the photo
    		wppa_slide_name('optional');			// The name of the photo
    		wppa_browsebar('optional');				// The 'Previous photo | Photo n of m | Next photo' bar
    		wppa_run_slidecontainer('slideshow');	// Fill in the photo array and display it
    	} // wppa_page('slide')

    Well, do as suggested, change the order. Its self explainatory.

    5.1. One photo in two albums is not possible, the info is in the photo (i belong to album ..) and not in the album, and is one-fold by concept. I am thinking of an easy way to make a copy into another album. It will be considered.
    5.2. Go to Photo Albums -> Import admin page.
    You can select any gallery directory there where to import photos from. (Not yet on multisite installations (?))
    5.3. Fade-in/fadeout. Yes, any bright ideas?

    6. Funny, my daughter has the same problem, by me it stopped playing completely about a week ago, and autostart is off. Is there a ghostbuster in the house????

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    5.1 In version 3.0.0 you will be able to copy a photo into an other album.

    Thank you for the kind reply. I’m still ‘test-driving’ your plugin along with a couple others before I make a final decision. I saw the 3.0 upgrade; very nice to have a ‘copy photo’ option.
    I’m sure your very busy and have plenty of requests.

    To me, the biggest ‘need‘ is the ability to add photos with descriptions/captions into pages and posts. This eliminates double-uploading to your gallery and the WP media library.
    After that, some nice styling features/skins/background options would be an added bonus.
    It’s still a very nice plugin with good support and admin.

    BTW, I don’t have any dog photos in my gallery (#1A from above). Check my page again. I’m running your gallery with 2 others as tests.

    Thanks, good luck

    And, the music still auto-plays on your website:(

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    About: display with caption:

    I made that specially for you (and the rest of the world).
    Use %%mphoto=..%% in stead of %%photo=..%%

    I will remove the radio

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    About the dogs:
    I must have mixed you up with someone else, sorry,

    Please make a page with album cover(s) that exhibits the issue so i can look into it.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    About skins:

    Please look at the ‘Appearance’ settings in the Photo Albums -> Settings admin page. You can change almost everything like: colors, borders and fonts.

    Background images are so customer specific (because of the sizes) that they are not pre-defined. However, almost everything is in a box that can have a background image defined in the wppa_style.css file.

    That was a quick fix and almost perfect. The border doesn’t wrap around the whole image and the caption text looks like it’s ‘top-justified.’The scrollover of the images says ‘test.’
    If you look at the images on my other pages (inserted using WP media library) and compare to your upgrade I think you’ll see what I mean.
    Thanks again, it’s getting better.

    I think I forgot to include my website link:( Sorry.



    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Please place e ‘genuine’ wp media photo also on the page, it should be exactly the same layout, as i translate the wppa+ script to a [caption] phrase. So maybe your themes css needs modification. If you place a real wp-media picture basides ‘mine’, i can see more.

    What shall i do for the title (Test)? The name of the photo?


    At the bottom of my Gallery page are the 2 images (WPPA on top; Media Library below). The whole image is ‘wrapped’ in ML.
    Yes, I’d think most people would want the title of the picture on the hover. But, I’m guessing some people don’t want it. So, it probably needs to be an option. I’m not sure how much work that would involve for a future upgrade.


    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    I added a class that will fix the alignment problem in ‘my’ galleryphoto.
    Fot the time being i changed the title into the name of the photo.

    Do a re-install (see this page for instructions). Look for fix 005.

    Wait an hour or so to get wp have the download ready for you.

    I do believe that fix has worked:)
    The wrap and font looks correct on the page now.
    Thanks, great help and support.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    In version 3.0.1 you will be able to configue a link from a media-like single photo the same way as you can configure a link from a thumbnail image now.

    Does that mean a WPPA option from the WP Media Library? It’s getting much better with the few changes you’ve made. I’ll put in my wish list for a few more – all with good intentions:)

    – full-screen slideshow option
    – crop/rotate etc after uploading in case somebody makes a mistake/or forgets to edit before uploading
    – I haven’t check yet, but can you have different size slideshows on different pages?
    – I’m not smart enough to follow the custom template instructions (though I will try again!), so if (some of) those customizing options could be built into the admin options at some future point. Your plugin is way easier to use, but the others I’m testing have just a little more pizazz and style to them.
    I’d prefer to use yours in the long-term.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The media-like display of wppa+ photos we talked before will have a configuraple link in 3.1.1 like thumbnails have already (3 choices, and at 2 choices an option to select a page or the current post).

    You can already easily import wp media photos into the wppa+ system: goto the Photo Albums -> Import Photos admin page, select a directory from thge dropdown list, press the Set source directory button and select the photos you want to import.
    If you have a non-standard media directory configured this will be found in 3.0.1.

    Full screen slideshow will be added to the enh-request list.

    Crop/rotate will not be implemented, its easier to re-import or upload. I am not going to correct all the mistakes in the world.

    Its quite simple to size the slidesow. Use this script:

    %%slide=nn%% where nn = the album id
    %%size=ss%% where ss = the width of the show in pixels
    %%align=xx%% optional left, center or right

    Or on a generic photo album page simply:


    You can style almost everything, see the Photo Albus -> Settings admin page, chapter Appearance.

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