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    First of all, thank you so much for this super useful plugin. I searched the forum topics and someone already asked about the options on the Sidebar WIdget settings for this plugin but I’m looking for a different result. Right now one can only choose a specific photo album to be displayed. I wonder if there’s a way to make that photo album random. So instead of setting one photo album, the widget chooses a photo album randomly from all the photo albums, each time.
    Plus, on the LINK TO option, right now it only let you choose a Page, wonder if it can be a Category or Post, as well. Many thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The extension of options for the sidebar is planned for a future revision.
    I will consider this too.
    Thanx for your input.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The option to randomly select from any album hes been implemented in version 2.4.3.

    The only purpose of the link is to find a place (i.e. page) that has a %%wppa%% in it in order to display the photo in full size in its album context.

    However i will implement an extra possibility to enter an url maunally.

    Hello –
    I’m using your sidebar widget on our WordPress site and it pretty much works fine. (WPPA+ 3.0.1 at However, even though in Settings the “fade-in after fade-out” is checked, the images do not fade in/out – they pop – and none of the Names or Descriptions are displayed. The Name and Description is checked. I also tried un-checking the fade-in/out with no visible change.

    Also, there is no wppa related .css file listed in the Editor right column. The font-family boxes I left empty thinking it would take the defaults.

    I also tried using the GP widget with but it didn’t seem to behave either. No nav bars, no fade.

    I see on your website (at bottom below the heavy black line) the fade works nicely. I’d like my widget to fade like that too.

    How can I get at least the fade to work with the sidebar widget? Is there something else I need to tell you for you to tell me how to make the sidebar widget fade?

    We would also like to have each image clickable to a different url. As it is now, the images are clickable but only to a single url for all the images in the slideshow. Can you add this in a future release?


    Oops – clicked Post too fast.
    In the GP widget I used this:


    And, I meant the “font family boxes” in the Settings.
    I think that’s it this time.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Look for Slideshow animation speed: on the Settings screen. It is probably set to off. That means fading in 0 seconds. Set it to the desired fading time.

    In the appearance settings: if you let a box blank it should indeed default to your themes values.

    The wppa_style.css is in a sub directory wp-photo-album-plus/theme.
    It is strongly recommended not to change anything therein. You should be able to set everything in the settings panel (that is what i aim to do) If you want to change the css, please read the instructions in the header of the file first.

    Thanks! Fades perfectly now. That was the answer to that.

    Thanks for the tip on the css file.

    I think you mean by “In the appearance settings: if you let a box blank it should indeed default to your themes values” about the font families. To test it, I put “Times New Roman” at “24” px in all the font boxes and sizes then as Default Font Color “#a91717”. Saved Changes. No visible change on my sidebar slideshow. Is there something else I need to do?

    Is there a way to show the Names and Descriptions in this sidebar slideshow? All those boxes contain text in the Photo Album – Partners.

    Will you consider making each image clickable to its own url instead of just one url for the whole album?

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    There is no text in the sidebar slideshow, so you won’t see the font family you entered. The caption of the widget will have the same font as all other widget captions, that is something from your theme.

    If you want the descriptions to be displayed, use the GP widget with %%slide=..%% as opposed to %%slideonly=..%% and switch all navigation bars and the name off and the description on in the Full Size & Slideshows section of the settings page. Also switch the breadcrumb off in the General settings section.

    This will display the description with the font you selected for fullsize photo descriptions. Also, dont forget to switch off the rating system.

    If you enable HTML for descriptions (the section Miscellaneous in the Settings page), you can put links in the descriptions of the photos. That should suit your needs, i guess?

    Sorry for the delay in answering. I just realized I haven’t answered you yet. I normally do that much more quickly.

    Thanks, again. I appreciate your quick reply and all your help.
    Yes, that way of doing links would help although as a user, I kind of expect to be able to click the image. Maybe you can add that in a future release.

    Hi, I was hoping to be able to link each picture within the photo album to a certain post. Is there a way to link a pic within the album?

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    This is on the wish list and will be implemented in a future version.
    I cannot say yet when this will be in place.
    Please follow the change logs.

    Hello, Thanks for the great plug-in.

    Could you tell me how to configure the sidebar slideshow widget? When I put it on my side bar and assign a album to it and view it on the site the image is still and there is not slideshow.

    Kindly help me

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Did you enter the desired slideshow timeout on the widget activation screen? That defines the time each slide will be visible.

    Hi. I’m setting up my WordPress site ( I’m using WP Photo Album plus and have 3 Albums( all with parent set to ‘none’) and all 3 albums display fine on my slideshows page. I also have Photo Album Plus Sidebar Widget set up to display random “photo of the day” but I only want to use 2 out of the 3 albums to select that image from. In the Settings screen for the sidebar widget under “Use Album”, the individual albums are greyed out so I can’t select the 2 albums that I want. If I try setting the unwanted album to “separate” in the PhotoAlbum settings, then of course that album doesn’t show up on my Slideshows page. How can I overcome this? Thanks in anticipation..

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The Photo of the day admin screen:

    You probably first selected -all albums except separate –

    At the right hand side of the Use album(s) selection box, you can manually edit the albums. Make that box blank and press the Update Thumbnails button. You can now select the albums one by one individually. The selected albums are grayed, so you can not select them twice.

    Alternatively you can edit (in the right hand box) for instance: 3,17
    if you want album ids 3 and 17 to be used.

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