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  • I get a set of options in the admin of wordpress and most things seem to work (creating albums etc) but I am using this plugin from scratch (not updating/upgrading) and although the upload form looks fine, once submitted it returns me to the upload page with no info on the page at all.

    I checked to see whether the images had uploaded in the album and they hadn’t. I went in to the album and saw one pic had tried to upload and failed…

    If I can’t upload images I don’t class this plugin as working.

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  • I seem to have the same trouble. Everything works fine, setting up and creating albums, etc. But when I upload images, they just aren’t there? I went into my ftp to see if it had created something somewhere and checked that CHMOD was set to 755. And there was nothing? Not folders, no images..

    Help please! This is the simpliest gallery I have tried yet, and really hope that it will work for me!

    I think I just figured it out.. my dimensions and size were to big. WordPress has a global limit. What that is, I am not sure but I just loaded some up under 500kb and it worked fine.

    You must have a minimum number of photos before they show up
    You can configure that minimum now.
    This makes it possible to have an album that contains only sub-albums, and stil have a cover photo; even a randomly changing coverphoto.
    Set the minimum at 1 and upload 2 photos and you will see them in the album.

    Have fun with it.

    Oh, by the way, it is always a good idea to resize your photos so that they are no bigger than a reasonable screen before uploading. This will 1. reduce download time for the visitor, and 2. prevent the photos are stolen from you at a printable resolution.

    You will find the photos in wp-content/uploads/wppa/[id].jpg
    and the thumbnails in wp-content/uploads/wppa/thumbs/[id].jpg

    The album structure is entirely stored in the WP database in two tables, one for the albums (name, description, parent, sort order method, coverphoto etc) and one for the photos (name, description, album they belong to, sort order sequence number etc).
    By saving the photos itself by the id and extension (eg. 123.jpg, 124.png or 78.gif) you can have photos with the same name in an album, and move them to other albums (by the program’s album management) without moving the files, but by changing the data in the database tables.

    Warning: NEVER manually change anything in the upload directories, do everything by the admin panels.



    I have a similar problem, even running the newest version of the plugin; I cannot view the files that have been uploaded, either if resized by WPPAP or not. I can’t even view them when dropping the file address into the address bar, and neither thumbs nor full-versions show up anywhere (album page, site page, etc.). Permissions on all folders (uploads/wppa/thumbs) have been set to 777, to no avail. Any ideas?

    Try uploading a picture of 640 x 480 pixels without resize on upload.
    This should work without any problems.

    For the creation of the thumbnail you already need much memory.
    Are there no files at all in uploads/wppa and uploads/wppa/thumbs ?

    What size are your pictures (in pixels) ?

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