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[Resolved] [Plugin: WP Photo Album Plus] IE 8 alignment issues

  • First of all this is an awesome photo gallery plugin. One of the best for anything I have tried thus far using WP. I am only having one slight issue. Below is the link to the site I am using the WP Album with. The image wants to float or align right.

    I have checked the settings and deactivated other plugins as a method of troubleshooting. I even looked at css and put in a float:left prop and still have had no success. The template has a very compact css and I have had no other issues with formatting.

    Anything you can do to assist would be very much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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  • The link?

    I put it in the original post….not sure why it didn’t come through. I am using the page url so hopefully it will. Just click on slideshow. Thanks again.

    Press the blue link button, enter the url and press ok.
    Then enter any text like: MyLink and then press the /link button.

    OR simply enter the link as text.

    Not sure why you are not receiving the link??? I have entered it both ways so I am doing that again within the same message. I hope you receive it.


    Thank you.

    I found the cause of the problem and made a modification to the code.
    I only cannot test it as i can not reproduce the problem myself.
    Before i release it, please test it.
    To test it, edit ../wp-photo-album-plus/theme/slideshow.js and try again.
    The last three lines of function wppa_load_spinner() that start at line 278(approx.) are modified: 2 commented away (//) and the last line:

    style="margin-left:'+lft+'px; margin-top:'+top+'px; "

    added, see below:

    function wppa_load_spinner(mocc) {
    	var top;
    	var lft;
    	var elm;
    	elm = document.getElementById('slide_frame-'+mocc);
    	top = parseInt(elm.style.height);
    	if (top > 0) {
    		top = parseInt(parseInt(top/2) - 4)+'px';
    	else {
    		top = parseInt(elm.style.minHeight);
    		if (top > 0) {
    			top = parseInt(parseInt(top/2) - 4)+'px';
    		else top = '150px';
    	lft = parseInt((parseInt(elm.style.width) / 2) - 4)+'px';
    //	document.getElementById('spinner-'+mocc).style.marginTop = top;
    //	document.getElementById('spinner-'+mocc).style.marginLeft = lft;
    	document.getElementById('spinner-'+mocc).innerHTML = '<img id="spinnerimg-'+mocc+'" src="'+wppa_imgdir+'wpspin.gif" style="margin-left:'+lft+'px; margin-top:'+top+'px; " />';

    I inserted the code where you indicated but it did not seem to help. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I do a lot of projects for small business and civic organizations that use what they know…IE. It works fine in Firefox and Safari.

    Thanks so much for your guidance. Hopefully we are just a comment away.

    Ok, still i have the feeling that we are very close.
    To make sure that the spinner image is the cause, disable it as follows:

    insert return; as second line in the function like this:

    function wppa_load_spinner(mocc) {
    	var top;

    Still floating right. Thanks.

    I have this problem with your site in IE 6 and 7 only, not in 8.
    I do not have this problem with my sites. please try My testsite with your IE to see what happens…
    Do you run IE8 in some compatibility mode?

    Yes sir you are correct. So I guess there is no way to make it work with any other versions of IE except 8 and up?

    If so that’s fine. I’ll place a browser statement on the page. Awesome job on the plugin. I love the felxibility. Thanks for all your hard work and attentiveness to my questions.

    It is a pity but i have to conclude that this is a theme problem rather than a wppa+ problem.
    Just for the record, what is you themes name?

    provisionpress was my starting point but I have done numerous modifications to the theme so perhaps it was me?

    Again, you have an awesome plugin and I truly appreciate all your help and hard work.

    Thanks again!

    Awesome plugin
    small problem in ie8 clicking on thumbnail will not bring up larger image.
    site: http://askrc.ca/galleries?album=4&cover=0&occur=1

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Yes, a known problem. Just click twice or double.

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