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    I want to have the same height for both landscape and portrait pictures because I want the slidehow to not flick between different heights when it shows a mixture of portrait and landscape images.

    I have cropped the height of both a landscape and portrait to 900px in Photoshop and then uploaded them with the resizing option unchecked, but they are still displayed with different heights. The max width is set to 900px and the max height is set to 900px in my settings. The column width is set to 950px. I cant work out why BOTH landscape and portrait images are not being governed by the max height setting (900px).

    I am forced to crop a portrait with a landscape box (so making the same dimensions as the landscape) but this leaves white borders on either side. If the mouse sits on this white area the slideshow will stop because it see it as part of the image but viewers cannot see this and will think the slideshow is broken if their mouse falls in this area. I also have to crop ALL my portraits that I upload.

    How do you get the same height being displayed in both portrait and landscape images in a slideshow? Help!

    Many thanks

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Set Table IV-B1 to center

    If that does not fix your problem, supply a link to the site, so i can see something.



    Hi opajaap,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I see the function of fix/center/top etc. That’s great. I switched to ‘top’ and it stops the images making everything below ‘flicking’ up and down – so a good improvement. But I still have an issue with portrait heights.

    I have put some sizes on images on a test page for you to look at with their original sizes.

    There are 6 images. The first two have been cropped for a 900 depth and the portrait version is actually a landscape to keep the depth the same (but I have a problem of the pausing and recropping every time). So these are two landscape images really but the depth is always uniform from top to bottom and make the site look good. This is the aim but without having to make portraits into landscapes

    Image 3 and 4 are uploaded with 900 depth but image 4 is a real portrait. Here the two images always appear as different depth. Even though the site does not jump about, there are gaps for the landscape as it cannot fit the height – or the portrait does not fit to landscape (depending on your view!). This is a little confusing as the originals are both 900 deep. I’d like the portrait to fit the landscape height.

    Image 5 and 6 are camera originals. I have not selected ‘resize images for upload’ and I get a warning to do the max size of 1024×768 but these are the easiest to use as I do not need to resize these before uploading. If I can make these appear like images 1 & 2, this would be perfect.

    What I also want to avoid is having big gaps between the title and the slideshow and the bottom of the page where I have widgets. I need to keep the site ‘tight’ from top to bottom

    So the basic question is, can I upload images like 5 & 6 and have them align at the top and appear like 1 & 2 where a true portait and landscape appear as the same height?

    My column with is 950, Max slideshow width and height are 900, there is no resizing on upload set and the setting for the vertical alignment on the sideshow is Top (because this always has an image right up to the title)

    I can make you adminstrator is it easier for you to look at my settings?

    I hope you have a solution! Many thanks for your time!


    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Let me explain about the sizes:

    Table I-B1 and 2 Max width and max height define an area wherin the photo is shown. This area is fixed size IF v-align (IV-B1) is top, center or bottom. If set to fit: the height will be smaller for landscape images.

    You want always the full height to be used and that the size is fixed.

    So, this means you have to set v-align to anything that forces the a fixed size, i recommend center.
    All photos will be automaticly downsized to fit into the area defined by I-B1,2 and they will always keep the original aspect ratio.
    Your area is now 900 x 900 px. A portrait image is downsized to have 900px height and, say 600 px wide. This is how you want the portrait image displayed. A landscape image is also downsized to fit into the 900×900 area, so 900 wide and 600 high. If you want it 900 high, it would be wider that your maximum, or distorted in aspect, or cropped.

    If you want landscape images to fill the entire height, you should take care that the scaled image will fit in your maximum width.

    Example: image 1 w=1199 is dowsized to 900, height is also downsized ( to 900 * 900/1199).


    Set max height to 600 (or a different value so that in any case the shape of the area defined by I-B1,2 is no ‘portratier’ than your landscape images. And set IV-B2 (h-align) to center so you do not need to add white space.

    Conclusion: to use the full height always: make the ratio of settings I-A1,2 so that it matches your landscape image aspect ratio, set all alignments to center. (If you set columnwidth equal to max width, you need not to set h-align).

    Hope this makes it clear.



    Thats great opajaap,

    I’ll digest the info and apply them to the site.



    I hope someone can help me figure out how to re-size my images for my slider. One of the main issues is that I hired a web developer to build my site. It has been one of the most frustrating experiences – ever. He won’t tell me what type (name) of slider he installed, and I can’t get any valuable information as to how to change out or add a slider image. The web developer put the current images in the slider – I have no ability to add or change them.

    He told me to never touch the “Theme” section, since it is “custom.”

    He did tell me that my images for the slider must be re-sized to 960 x 400 to fit; and that the images must be re-sized before adding them to my media gallery.

    On my Dashboard, I have gone to “slides” > “add new” > clicked “home” box. The slide created a new “Post”. I don’t know if it is because the size isn’t correct. The web developer won’t answer any questions.

    Any help is appreciated. My site (a work in progress)

    Thank you,

    Hi Joy,

    Your slider is Nivo Slider and your base theme is Blogga. As for resizing your images, you could use any cropping application. I end up using GIMP ( I’m actually searching through the forums looking for ways to avoid having to crop images because a client has loads of portrait and landscape pictures they’re trying to fit in the same slideshow.

    Good Luck!


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