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    As I understand it the current way WP Photo Album Plus generates thumbnail images is to do it on demand, thumbnails are not generated just once and stored permanently as separate images files to be reused.

    So if I insert a thumbnail image into a post every time the page loads (leaving aside anything like browser caching) a new thumbnail needs to be generated. Obviously this has a negative impact on page loading times especially if you have a page with a lot of thumbnails, as I do. Similarly the thumbnail image in the sidebar created by the photo of the day widget generates it’s thumbnail when the page is loaded adding to page load times.

    I used to use the Gallery 2 package for my photo gallery and it generated separate thumbnail images (using sizes set by the user) at the time of image import which it stored permanently. This meant that page load times were faster as no thumbnail image generation was being done as part of the page loading process just the loading or pre-rendered images.

    Could such a feature be added to WP Photo Album Plus?

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The thumbnails are generated during upload/import.
    They are permanently stored in …/wp-content/uploads/wppa/thumbs/

    They will only be re-generated when the largest of thumbnail size, coverphoto size and popup size is changed. (Popup size should be the biggest).

    So, sorry, you are wrong this time.

    I think I expressed myself very poorly and also did not fully understand how WP Photo Album Plus generated thumbnail images.

    Just to be clear:

    As an example I insert a single photo into a post using this code:

    %%wppa%% %%mphoto=2975%%%%size=200%%

    Is it true that the thumbnail for this display size (200px) is generated each time it is shown and not stored permanently?

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    There are two physically distinct files: the ‘fullsize’ photo and the ‘thumbnail’ photo. They reside in wp-content/uploads/wppa/ (the fullsize) and in wp-content/uploads/wppa/thumbs/ (the thumbnails).

    All references to %%photo.., %%slide.., %%mphoto.., etc use the fullsize file. The fullsize file is also used for the photo of the day widget and the slideshow widget.

    The thumbnail file is used for the album content (thumbnails) display, the album cover photo, the popup image and the images in the widgets: topten, thumbnail and comments.

    If required, the images are downscaled in the browser, except for the popup image, which is always displayed at the physical size of the thumbnail image file. This is the reason the popup size should be the largest of all the ‘small’ types of images.

    Therefore there are at the most two copies per photo id in your local temporary internet files: the thumbnail and the fullsize version.


    %%wppa%% %%mphoto=2975%%%%size=200%% uses the fullsize image which is downscaled by your browser to 200 pix wide.

    And that is the way it is designed.

    Thanks for the feedback but after thinking about it and testing various options I have decided to use the native WordPress image import and thumbnail system to insert thumbnails into the posts but to make them link directly to the relevant images in WP Photo Album Plus. This seemed easiest and gave me maximum flexibility in terms how the thumbnails looked, the smallest file sizes for speedy page loading, but still linked to all the WP Photo Album Plus goodness.

    Thanks again for your prompt and useful help.

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