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  • Hey opajaap,

    thanks for a beautiful plugin 🙂

    While i was looking around for settings, i noticed a forum post by you that suggested a setting regarding thumbnail text which i noticed wasn’t there in my options.

    After i went looking in my servers error.log i’ve noticed the following error:

    [Fri Mar 04 06:57:54 2011] [warn] [client 212.77.xx.xx] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Warning: Missing argument 3 for wppa_order_options(), called in /var/www/ on line 827 and defined in /var/www/ on line 240, referer:

    I just wonder – could this be the cause for my missing option(s)?

    Also, i wonder where to set the language as i don’t have an option for it in the backend (a german translation is currently being done by the way, so watch your inbox ;))

    I’ve got 2 feature requests too:

    – Allow for more pics than 15 to be uploaded and more importantly: selected at once

    – Add an option to downsize uploaded pictures to x by y (checkbox to keep aspect ratio), keep fullsize images and display those on-click in a lightbox/thickbox/shutter effect.

    Thanks for such a wonderful plugin 🙂 (version here is 2.5.1)

    best regards

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The warning Missing argument 3 for wppa_order_options() has no effect but is fixed in 3.0.0

    Please be a bit more specific about which option you miss.
    Note you have more settings when Thumbnails -> Display type is set to —default— then when it is set to like album covers

    Like WP itsself, you can set the language by specifying it in wp-config.php. Change define ('WPLANG', ''); to reflect you language code. For more details to find your language code and for the wp language files check your local wp support site. If the language code (the locale) is set properly and you have the corresponding wppa-[languagecode].mo wppa is translated automaticly.

    About uploading: Try Import, you can FTP large numbers of photos and easily import them in one go.

    You should set Full Size: 1280 pixels wide, 960 pixels high. in the settings screen to the maximum size you want the photos to be and set Column Width to 640 and check the Resize on Upload box. This enables ‘standard’ fullsize images to be 640×480, while you can still display them at 1280×960. (numbers are examples)

    The aspect ratio is maintained throughout the wppa+ system, that is a holy property. That needs no checkbox.

    Ok, good to know 🙂

    And yes, the settings i was missing magically turned up once i set the —default— display type 😉

    Thanks for the tip regarding FTP upload, that makes life easier quite a lot..

    Regarding the size:

    Sadly, i don’t agree with you fully there.

    It isn’t “best practice” to upload full-sized pictures and resize them with HTML.

    Ideally, at least to me, it’d work like this:

    – Upload fullsize pictures (in my case: 1024px widest length, AR kept)
    – Pictures get created for the size specified in “Full Size”, Original pictures are kept
    – In a slideshow which shows Pictures sized to “Full Size”, a popup with a Lightbox/Thickbox/Shutter effect gets opened upon click, displaying the Original Image.

    This would help to even more improve page loading times but giving the ability to display pictures larger. The only drawback i see with this method is that you have 3 instead of 2 images (full size, resized, thumbnail) but in this day and age diskspace is mostly of no concern.

    Another thing i’ve noticed, after upgrading to 3.0.0 of wppa+, is that the “Show breadcrumbs” setting doesn’t seem to be respected any more.

    I’ve unchecked it and it still does display the breadcrumb and no matter how often i’ve rechecked, unchecked, saved my preferences the breadcrumb still shows. The “Show ‘Home’ in breadcrumb” setting however seems to still work.

    Sidenote: I’ve upgraded to WP 3.1 in the meanwhile but that also didn’t fix the breadcrumbs misbehaving 😉

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    About the photosizes:

    The way it is now is a choice that was made a long time ago, and not so easy to change, especially for the users.
    As it is now also helps to prevent people to upload 11mb pictures and hence visitors to have to download them.

    About the breadcrumb:

    Yes i overlooked it, if you can edit wppa_theme.php, change line 22 to:


    so removing the first argument.

    If this is not easy, re-install the plugin (see This help topic).
    Look for fix nr 002.

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