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    This is my first wordpress site and thus my first use of WPPA+. (V 4.7.1) Everything with installing it and populating it up with 4 albums went beautifully . . until I checked it for the first time on two PCs. (I work on a Mac) No problems viewing it with Firefox or Safari for windows, but IE 8 (v8.0.600.18702) running under XP was/is a minor disaster on both machines.
    With “compatibility mode” on, the individual items in the album display are oversize and ugly, without the radiused corners or nice borders, and in one of them the thumbnail is mis-located in down in a bottom corner. (With compatibility mode off, this page is a total mess with broken backgrounds etc.) In lightbox view, the rollover effect keeps enlarging the last picture in a set no matter with thumbnail it’s rolling over. Slideshow view seems to work OK.
    I can’t imagine this is a new problem, so is there some basic setting I’m missing?


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  • Sorry. Here’s the link to the site


    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    This is a theme thing. Your location map is also displayed incorrectly.

    What is your setting in Table I-A1..I-A3? (Photo albums -> Settings admin page

    A1 Column width 800
    A2 resize on upload NOT checked
    [There’s no listing for an A3]
    A4 Photocount threshold 1

    Aha! I See – A3 opens up only if I check A2. And I’m guessing there’s a conflict between these and some sizes in the theme or in my photos that only IE8 can’t work around.

    I believe these were all set this way by default, but I might be responsible for that unchecked #A2. I had previously gotten in pattern of resizing my pictures to a uniform size before upload as a way of getting a different photo feature on the site to display nicely. As I said everything appeared to be working just fine with the albums until ( a week or so later) I looked at in on IE8.

    If there’s a place in your documentation that spells out how to configure these settings relative to the sizes in the theme to work happily, you can just point me toward it.



    You probably noticed this, but I finally figured out what I’m seeing on the album listing page: The first listing is slightly constricted in width and is spilling down the entire page behind the others, to end just below the lowest one. Looks a little like the kind of clashes you’d see between different blocks of html text in the old days.

    Also, I looked more closely at the issue with the rollover zoom feature on the lightbox page. When you roll over a picture, the correct content and caption display in the zoom, but the zoom always happens in the lower left (i.e. last) picture position regardless of which picture is being zoomed.

    slight correction. The picture being zoomed by the rollover appears to the right of the lower right picture, not in its place.

    One elaboration on your response: It isn’t that the location map is displayed incorrectly. It’s that the theme footer is truncated at the sides to what appears to be the declared width of the main column (per setting A1). This is clipping a bit of content on both the left and right sides of the footer, but the frame of the map is overriding this and displaying exactly the same as on every other page, which means it extends out into the blank area that exists on this page only.

    Two other data points:

    a) This truncated footer happens only on the album catalog page. The lightbox page and the single photo/slideshow pages display the normal full-width footer

    b) If I change the column width in setting A1 to a very wide actual width (1250 px) the album catalog page displays the photo set descriptions in two columns on Firefox, Safari and the Mac. However on IE8, all the entries are compressed into a single column about 622 px wide with the same same of the first entry running down behind all the others. AND, the footer remains truncated at about 1000 px wide with the map sticking out.

    c) If I set the width in A1 to “auto.” every browser displays the entries on the catalog page at 1000 px wide, but IE 8 still has the first entry running down to the bottom, and the footer is truncated with the map sticking out. On the lightbox page the frame for the display of thumbnails is smaller, about 800 wide, and the footer is normal full width.

    d) One more interesting experiment: I set the max number of album (setting ID4) covers to 3 in order to generate a second catalog page. On IE8, the first page still had the problem, with the first entry running all the way down the page and the footer width cut off, but the second page had the entries displaying properly, and the footer also displayed correctly full width. (I had to re-load a couple of times before the thumbnails sorted into the right locations, but that might have been a cache or slow processing thing.)

    Hopefully this helps diagnose where the conflict is

    I’ll leave it set to display covers on two pages, so you can maybe figure something out by looking at the difference in the source for each.

    In IE8 You definitely have to re-load each page at least once to get the thumbnails to show with the correct album cover text

    And, if your turn IE8 “compatibility mode” OFF, the second catalog page displays just fine, but the first page is a disaster, with the footer all mixed into the top of the page.

    one final experiment: I reset the photo album page from the theme’s full-width template to it’s default page, which is a wide column on the left for live content and a narrow column on the right for widgets.

    In all the other browsers, The photo album pages re-worked themselves to work fine in this setup. But in IE8 it was another mess, with the first entry on the first catalog page running down below the last one AND pushing the widget content out of the right column and into the space below on the left. (Also, the footer was still truncated on the sides. Again, the second catalog page displayed correctly, subject only to having to reload before the thumbnails would appear in their correct locations.

    Maybe this helps? (I’m going to set the page back to single column. It’s really ugly this way.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    slight correction. The picture being zoomed by the rollover appears to the right of the lower right picture, not in its place.

    This is an IE7 issue that also shows in the compat mode. I dropped support on IE7.

    A few questions:

    1. Did you try it with all other plugins de-activated?

    2. Do you use the old style ( %%wppa%% etc. ) syntax or the new style ( [wppa … ][/wppa] ) ?

    Please try: Change the double quotes in the albumtitle: “Meet the Pastor” Potluck into single quotes.
    There is an error in the code with double quotes in album titles that will be fixed in version 4.7.18 that most likely causes the issue with that album.

    Problem solved. It was the quotes thing, which I arrived at overnight by a route of experimentation.

    A couple of learnings that may help others (and you too?)

    Apparently because of the quotes issue, that album had the odd pattern of displaying its title on the website, but showing a blank title in the “album admin” listing. it took me a long time to notice this.

    This problem with the title was causing the album cover to mis-display – with the thumbnail pushed down below the text in left hand corner and the box stretched over-size to handle this.

    That single broken album cover messed up the whole page display, but ONLY when it was in the #1 position. I first started to see the light when, after trying every possible combination on the settings panel, I changed the sort order of the albums – just to see if it would change anything – and suddenly the page wasn’t broken, though the rogue album cover still was.

    Then, I finally noticed that the title panel on the album was blank. It kept “losing” the title when I entered it until I tried taking out the quotes. Once I did that, everything worked right. (Interestingly, after I had it fixed, I was able to put the double quotes back in and still have it work right, but looking now at your hint, I’m going to put in single quotes just to be safe.)

    Thanks so much for the diligent follow-up – – and for a GREAT plug in. I plan to use it on several other legacy html sites I’m converting to WP. A nice donation is on the way

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    I simply ‘forgot’ to escape quotes on a few attributes, so the hover text ( title=”…” ) contained double quotes. IE8 lost track of proper tag closing, especially div’s. this caused the mess.

    Fixed in 4.7.18.

    Thanx for your generous donation.

    If you have more issues/questions, don’t hesitate to open new threads.

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