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    Hey, Opa! I was wondering whether you’re thinking about implementing an option to add the [uploaded custom] watermark file to individual photos in “Album Edit” screen? Just like a “SOLD” or “DONE” or “GONE” watermark for individual photos in an album. Or maybe you already have and I just couldn’t figure it out…


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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    It is possible (not too simple):
    FTP your original photo to your depot directory ( see the Photo Albums -> Import screen ), select the watermark you want, check the Update existing photos checkbox and import the photo. The photoname shuld be equal to the filename and the photo may only be one copy in the wppa system.

    I will think about an option to make it easier.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Will be possible in version 4.7.10

    Oh man, I didn’t even had the chance to reply to your first response, you figured it out in 8 hours and will include it in the next update! Thank you, Opa! Best work I’ve ever seen, going for a perfect one!

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    It’s available now.

    Please read the Changelog on how it works.

    Hi Opa,
    Noticed while editing a photo album description there is a Watermark setting that allows you to apply a water mark on an already uploaded photo. I selected a logo I have previously used in uploads and selected bottom-right and clicked on the Apply Watermark Button, saw the clock turn and got a small message that the water mark was applied. I then went to that photo to check it and sure enough it was there, but a little bolder than I wanted. I went back to the Settings page under Photo Albums to Table IX D Watermark related settings and lowered the Opacity setting. I then went back to the album and selected another photo to add the logo. Again saw the clock turn and received the message that watermark was applied. However, when going back to the photo and even after re-loading the page it was not applied. I attempted this again aabout 3 times and could not get a watermark applied. My Watermark Related settings are 1. Watermark Enabled, 2. User Watermark Enabled, 3. Watermark file set to my logo png, 5. Watermark opacity 30% and have tried 40% and 50%.

    What am I doing wrong, figure it must be me because aslanj got it to work for him. Thanks.

    Well… I think it works just fine, yes, but I’m still experiencing the same weird problem you’re experiencing. Everything seems to work fine, except the watermark is not there, even if I force reload the photo. However, when I check the photo later or from another device, it’s there! So, I guess WPPA works fine, and visitors can probably see it right after we apply the watermark. I’m not sure why I still cannot see it after force reloading the page/photo multiple times.


    Thanks for the reply. I kept looking at my web site and the album I was working on even refreshing both but it did not show and would not show for the edit page or web page either. So when I got your email I logged out of everything and went to my wife’s computer and went to my web site and there were the Watermarks I had put on all three different photos, so now all I have to remember is what opacity settings I was using. Strange, but yes it works and will be a time saver for photos I already have posted that I forgot to Watermark.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Your browser does not know about the image being changed.

    Delete temporary internet files will fix it.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The way you should do this is as follows:

    • Go to the photo in the manage photo section of the edit album screen.
    • Click on the thumbnail image, this will open a new tab with the fullsize image
    • View how it is now.
    • Leave the tab open, but go to the previous tab.
    • Apply the watermark
    • Go to the full image tab, it still shows the original image
    • Press CTRL+F5, and view the modified image

    Reloading the page re-uses the already downloaded images (from the temp internet files). Refreshing the page, i.e. really re-downloading the data happens in most browsers by pressing CTRL+F5. If this also fails, cleanup the temp internet files.

    When you go to the frontend to see the final result, you will most likely also still see the old image (from the browser cache/temp files).

    Also press CTRL+F5 will most likely help.

    When manipulating data on the server this way (also rotating images etc.) you should make pressing CTRL+F5 a ‘second nature’.

    If you want to make a watermark (incidently) intenser, simply apply the same watermark again. Try it, using the method i described above.

    Thanks for the detailed work flow. It works GREAT! Also the suggestion on applying watermark twice helped. Thanks for the quick reply

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