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  • ronthai


    Thanks, comes in really handy since I create all user/pwd (no open sign up).
    I do not know if it is possible, but after a user is created and the admin clicks on the user edit, so goes to his/her profile I guess, could it be done that on that page the password is also shown. I know members can retrieve there password with the Lost password link, but as admin I would like to see the password.

    Also (nothing to do with your plugin I guess), but an extra text field when creating a user, where the admin could write some text, that will also be sent to the user, when sending the username and password by email.
    I know the plugins that give you possibility to change the email that is being sent, but it will still always be the same email and with the extra text box, the admin can write a message specific for that users needs when created.

    Thanks and regards, Ron

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  • Plugin Author Steve Grunwell


    Hi Ron,

    WordPress stores passwords with one-way encryption, so there isn’t (and shouldn’t) be away to show a password in plain-text after it’s been stored in the database. I suppose a plugin could be developed to prevent users from changing their passwords, though I’d question the usefulness and motives of such a script (if you’re worried about rogue users putting questionable content on the site, you can control their capabilities, getting really granular with plugins like txanny’s Capabilities Manager.

    As for the extra text field comment, that sounds like it could be an excellent plugin to develop (if it hasn’t already been), but I’d recommend investigating Sean Barton’s SB Welcome Email Editor. I haven’t used the plugin myself, but from the description it sounds like it may have the features you’re looking for (while also allowing you to tailor your welcome emails more to your liking).

    I’m glad my plugin has been useful for you!




    Hi, I use Global Hide/Remove Admin Bar Plugin to prevent user/members having access. I run a paying members site, with no free signup possibility.

    My members have absolutely no access to their profile stuff. The only thing they can do is use the lost password link. Which will work for access to the blog, but not for the downloads I offer my members.

    I use .htaccess user/pwd to control access to the downloads with are outside the WP folder due to limitations WP has. I create each and everyone user login manually and add them to the .htpasswd file (outside the WP folder) manually.

    This leaves me with only one option and that is to also disable the Lost Password link. Anyway I always have the password stored in the program I use for password management.

    I already use SB Welcome Email Editor, but the emails are still standarized, what I need is an option for a non-standard short message to be added when creating, extending or upgrading the membership. I search for it everywhere and it does not seem to exist yet, which was a big surprise to me, for something so basic.

    Thank you and regards, Ron

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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